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Pregnancy Notes

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hey again all.

I have just received my letter with an appointment to see a consultant due to my history. It asks that I remember my hand held pregnancy notes. Thing is, I don't have my appointment with the mw until 2 days after I see the specialist so I have nothing to take with me. Do you think this will be a huge problem. Should I try and get an earlier appointment with the mw so I have my notes to take. Sorry for always having random questions but I swear this pregnancy is happening all back to front lol.

Hope everyone else is good xxx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi hun, i'm sure it won't be a problem. Your consultant will prob fill you in some notes while you are there. Your notes have all your history filled on them as your midwife will ask all those details at your booking in appointment which saves the consultant having to ask all those questions, they usually just look at the notes. He will just have to ask you instead! It wouldn't hurt to ring your mw or leave a message at your surgery for her asking if there was any chance of an earlier booking in appointment because you have to have an early consultant appointment if it is worrying you though hun! Hope all goes well, keep us filled in hun Kiss Xx

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