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Im not ready to move Sam into his room lol

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Sam is now 4 months old and sleeping really well.I still have him in my room in the bassinet(moses basket).It is my mums old bassinet from when we were baby's its huge so he still has room in it(just)lol.
Everyone keeps on me about putting him in his own room (which has been ready from before he was born).For some stupid reason every time i go to put him to bed i cant even fathom the idea of putting him in the cot and in his room Sad Face
My sister is due in Feb and needs the bassinet so i have to do it soon and i don't want to put the cot in my room as we did this with Vic and i didnt end up putting him in his own room until he was 9 months old.
I dont know if its because i know we wont be having anymore children and I'm trying to hold on to this baby stage or what?I know he will be fine but i keep getting teary eyed and anxious every bed time so i just end up putting him in our room.Justin isn't fussed either way so he doesn't see it as a big issue I'm just worried that i will never be ready. Upset

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I think it varies with the child and how you feel at the time.

Jasmine went into her own room in her cot at 1 month old. Both myself and her dad thought it was the right thing to do to settle her into her own room and she did settle down really well. We just used the baby monitor for our reassurance.

With Sophie, I can't imagine moving her into her own room and cot until she is about 6 months old! I have no idea why I feel so differently about it in her case. Like you, her room is all ready for her but I need her beside the bed right now. I guess part of me is still in the 'checking on her every 20 minutes' stage Embarassed You never know, as the months go on I may change my mind and move her into her room.

Also, with Jasmine, her room was downstairs and we slept upstairs (the layout of our flat was like that) but with Sophie our house has all the bedrooms upstairs as normal so she's just a few yards from our room.

I think you should just enjoy having Sam with you. He'll grow up soon enough and be wanting his own space anyway.

Could you buy yourself a moses basket? They do quite well priced ones at Mothercare or maybe look on eBay for one?

Good luck hun Kiss

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Maybe you could aim to get him into his own room over Christmas/New Year. Your sister will then have it in pleanty of time and you will get to keep your baby in with you for another few weeks. No one else can tell you when is right.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I can understand your feelings.... I was like that with Aaralyn too... I think she was over 5 months old when I finally put her in her own room in a crib (she was tiny, she never did outgrow her bassinet, but I was afraid when she started pulling herself up to sit up she'd fall right out of it Shocked ) otherwise she probably would have stayed in the bassinet next to my bed for even longer!.... I constantly was in her room at night while she was sleeping, just standing over her crib watching her. I also had a little bit of an unhealthy fear of crib death so I wanted to just have her right next to me as long as I could.

I think once he's settled over in his room you will both be just fine, I'm sure you'll be spending some time in there watching Sam sleep too Love

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
i must be the exception to the rule, tom was 3 months and Gemma was 2 weeks.

It was the right time when they staarted to sleep through.

But I understand, but i think when you do youll think why was it a big deal.

Do whatever you can maybe put the baby in the cot at naptimes and the graduate to bedtime at your own pace

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Aww i sypathise completely hun. We never had a moses basket (basinet) for Lolly, i had a swinging crib which mymum was bought for me when i was born, she used it for all three of us and i used it for Lauren. It is bigger than a moses basket so Lolly was safe in it for a while. She was in our room until she was around 5months, then she went in her cot in her bedroom. Jake did have a moses basket (as he wouldn't sleep in his crib) but he wouldn't sleep in that either Wink Eventually we got him used to the crib though and mum took the moses basket home for when we visited and for future grandchildren (my brothers and sisters children, that is!) However he still plays up a little at night sometimes? More when we are trying to settle him down, he is usually ok once he is asleep. We only have a 2 bedroom place at the moment (we're waiting for the extension plans to be sorted!) and we didn't want him disturbing Lolly as they obviously would have to share, so he is still in with us, in a cot at the end of our bed! He is over 9mths now and i have to confess i am starting to look forward to when he will be in his own room, so we can have our room back and i can read at night again, and we can ummmmm 'enjoy ourselves' again Naughty without having to plan it as a military operation! haha. You will do it when the time is right for you and you feel comfortable hun, so don't worry, i think there is no 'right' age, it is just when it feels right! Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
We move them into their own bedrooms at six months old, until then their coat is next to our bed.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Because of what has happened in the past i am reluctant to move Meleah she is now almost 10mnths old. Not only that but my second room is sooo small with alisa in there as well i dont think there would be room for anything else except the cot and alisa's bed but saying that this mioght be the reason Meleah hasnt been sleeping through the nmight for the last 2mnths but then she has had a string of colds

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Thanks guy's i might keep him in there untill the end of november or maybe december???I put him in the cot during the day for his naps and he sleeps really well,i know he will be fine its just me.My mum suggested sleeping in his room for the first few nights just for my own piece of mind so i might try that soon Neutral
I have a monitor (i used it with Vic untill he was 3 or 4 lol)Vic and Sam slept at my parents last friday night mum told me Sam slept in the cot and Vic slept on the bed and she was up the other end of the house (with the monitor on)and he was fine(the deal was she was meant to also sleep in the room with them Tounge Out ).
I think just because he still seems so small to me that i feel this way,i dont know i just keep making excuses lol.

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I was terrible with Joseph.

We stayed with mum until he was 4mths old and we shared a room, he was in his cot at 6weeks because he was so long. When I moved into my house it just seemed right to put the cot into my room Embarassed I finally moved him into his room (next door to mine) when he was just over 6mths- I had to be nagged into doing it though

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
- My blog
We have a large window between our room and Kailey's so we put her in the cot under the window at about 3 or 4 months. When she was 12 months, we upgraded to a bed and put it in the same spot. When she used to wake up during the night we would just reach through the window to give her a bottle or pull the blankets up. It's good how it is set out, but not everyone has that.

My friend has a 13mo daughter and she is still in their bedroom, only bacause the other rooms are at the other side of the house, and as a first child, she is worried that she will not hear her during the night. Even if she had a monitor, i think she would still be worried.

You will know when it is the right time to move him into his own room. Until then, if you cannot have the bassinette, put the cot into ur room if you are that reluctant, but i wouldnt worry too much. He is only 4 months, so theres no hurry at the moment.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
ive just moved hayden into caseys room but im soo not ready for it (i think because lee says no more) so he falls asleep with me in bed and lee puts him in his cot in caseys room then about 6:30 he normally wakes up and comes back in to our bed for an hour or so.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
my daughter is 13 months old and i have only just put her in her own room. i always used to have the cot in my room because it used to fit fine and her bedroom was always down the othar end of the house, but i think its what ever you feel comfortable doing.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Both mine were 3 months, Charlotte probably would have stayed longer lol, but she outgrew her mosses basket, to be honest, I didn't even think about moving her, it was Martin that suggested it as i was puzzling over how big she was, and what should we do Wink (I'll blame mushy brains Halo )

George, more because he hated the mosses basket and he slept a little better in the cot, although he still doesn't always sleep through now Sleep

Move him when you feel ready hun Smile x

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
i think personally that it is your own personal choice. my house is also the same but i still didnt put my son in his own room for the simple fact of not having the room and i feel i bond better with my baby in my room expecially when he is sick, so its what ever you feel is the best way. not everyone is as able to do it. it just takes time and once you get over that fear you will be better off.

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