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Fetal Dopplers..........

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi, I have been looking at gadgets that monitor you through your pregnancy and came across fetal dopplers that allow you to listen to the baby's heartbeat and possibly hear it blowing bubbles or even hiccups from 12 weeks onwards. Unfortunately, I haven't found out if they are actually damaging to the baby. I know midwiwes use them to monitor the heartbeat but thought maybe, what with my history, rather than go to the hospital every time I think somehting is wrong I can check myself if that makes sense. Sorry for the ramble but my partner has offered to get me one if and when I get to 12 weeks and wanted to know if it was worth it.

Thanks in advance x

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
It is a neat and wonderful thing to be able to hear your baby, when ever you want, I had one when pregnant with DS1 and I haven't heard anything agianst them.

But it should never be used to self-diagnose you or ur baby, trust me if your worried go to the dr.

Congrats on ur pregnancy and hope everythig goes well

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I thought about getting one when i was pregnant with my LO's but decided against it in the end. I don't think they are harmful in any way hun so i wouldn't worry too much about that. I will say though that i think it could make you worry even more if you are that way inclined (like me! Halo ) As you aren't trained as a MW it is difficult to know exactly where the baby is lying and may be difficult to find the heart-beat at times and this could have you running off to the hospital in a panic, also you can sometimes pick up your own heartbeat or the placenta noise (which is more like a rushing sound) and think you have found it for it not to be. This could be a problem if you are scanning yourself because you are worried (lack of movement, or something similar) so use the doppler, think everything is ok and not get checked out and find later down the line that things weren't fine? It is lovely to hear a heartbeat (not much beats it! Love ) but remember as you get further along you will feel the baby moving and this in itself can be very re-assuring! I hope you make a decision that is right for you hun, some people find them very helpful! Kiss Xx

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