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FRIGHTENED!!! - midcycle bleeding

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Well, here's a little history. I had an ectopic pregnancy last year (very upsetting but I'm okay ish now). I rushed to my doctors today, absolutely terrified because I experienced some bleeding (WARNING!! explicit details coming now!!). I went to the toilet for a wee this afternoon but when I wiped there was quite a large amount of very red blood on the paper and when I looked in the bowl there was another blob there too!!
I am on CD17, I was due to ovulate 2 - 3 days ago. My doctor did a pregnancy test which was negative (PHEW!!! not another ectopic! Huge relief!!). It just seemed like a lot of blood for ovulation - isn't that usually just alittle bit of rusty red/brown blood?
I haven't had any bleeding since.
Any ideas? My doctor was very helpful with what its not but not about what it is???
Please help - I'm going out of my mind!!! Shocked

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi hunny, welcome to JP!

I don't think it's normal to bleed at all during ovulation, I never have, although I do get very crampy in my ovaries.

Could it be that you are starting your period early?? I do on occasion get mine 2 weeks after the last one ended but I'm 39 years old and I think starting to go through some hormonal changes Shocked

Good luck hun, I hope that TTC works out for you and your partner soon... stay around here, you should get lots of support and advice!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Thanks so much for the reply. It doesn't seem like my period - I always get cramps and my cycle is very regular. The bleeding seems to have stopped - I think it was a one-off.
It's really really strange!!! Confused

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