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The very last rant of Candra's development delay issues

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
O.K. I know I have been posting lots on this subject and pressing about how normal and gifted Candra is. You must think it's getting annoying so this will be the last on this, K!?
I can't help but wonder if theres an underlying intention to lable kids with ADD/ADHD and other development problems. Is the governement or medical field trying to make it so all kids have ideal smarts and cookie cutter skill levels? Suspect My daughter has a huge personality, a mind of her own. Smile If she has a animal spirit guide, it would be a cat. But my major beef with the development clinics, specificlally psychologists. I just got a letter from ours stating the 'findings' from the last visit. This is going to consist of a hazy questionaire form I had to fill out and a one hour assessment. Plus a meeting with the psychologist that hadn't seen us in about 4 years. Confused
So, in this letter she pointed things out that were said in the meeting already. This was annoying enough, but the real slap inthe face was that she had the nerve to suggest that Candra may need drugs sometime in the future. My problem with this is that I had already told her that I didn't want Candra on the drugs she mentioned because they were obviously not for Candra. Ritalin is speed. Speed is an illegal street drug. Drugs get kids hooked on other drugs and the spiral downward goes on. In Manitoba, 80% of maximum penn. inmates have ADD/ADHD and are or were on ritalin. Thats high. Shocked
Another thing is that ritalin is for people who are highly hyperactive. Candra is active, this is good because she needs to keep her figure fit for she is thin. She can still sit and do her work with out figiting too much. In fact she acts aloof when being told she has to do work she doesn't want to do. She also watches alot of T.V and does stuff on the computer. She's not jumping of furniture or running madly screamming gibberish. I have babysat for kids who clearly had ADHD. Candra is nothing like them. Ritalin would make Candra tried and groggy and who knows to her physical, mental or emotional health. I have enough problems getting her out of bed and out the door on time. Tounge Out
Another sign of suspision is that, again, I had to tell a proffessional why I think Candra needs these services and how she got delayed. Suspect I must have told 9 or so councilors, psychologists, theropists about Candra. And I have had to repeat this information even more times because they forget or have gotten information misunderstood. Mad
First thing Monday, I'm going to call this psychologist and tell her where she can do with her drugs. Very happy

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
i have no advice but i wanted to give you a Kiss

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
I know there are a great many issues which are recognised these days, which is a good thing because people can get the support they need. However I must admit that I'm always saying to my hubby "They've got a name for everything these days" meaning that everyone who is not a conformist seems to get a label and there seem to be an ever increasing nuber of kids with ADHD, hyper-activity etc. Now I'm not suggesting that these children don't deserve help if there is a genuine problem but equally if we spend every day branding some children with labels they will start to live up to what they are told they are. Also, one of these days we will have so many 'different' or 'difficult' children that the so called 'normal' children will be a minority and then they will be over-looked in society.

Did you know that there are actually more people working in the mental health services now than there are in the army; and lets face it they have to earn their money some how!

Stick with your guns on what you feel is best for your little girl, they may have a certificate but you have 24/7 care of her and you know what is right. Good luck and take care Flower

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Sorry hun, you didn't actually say in your post why the therapist suggested Candra may need drugs in the future? Have they actually 'diagnosed' her with ADHD?
I also believe that drugs aren't always the answer. Tbh it seems that if a doctor/psychologist/therapist etc. doesn't know what is wrong they seem to label the child with something like ADHD and offer them drugs to 'treat' the condition and then feel their job is done? I do have experience of this in a very close friend of mine's son. He has been diagnosed with this, we also believed it wasn't the case but his parents went along with the diagnosos for a while. He too was placed on ritalin, which did nothing except drug him to the eyeballs. His parents stopped him taking the drug after a couple of weeks and now deal with each problem as it arises and not look at things as one huge problem, which can seem very daunting!
I am not suggesting that this drug doesn't have it's place and i'm sure it can help some people. Indeed many people swear by it! I just feel it should be used sparingly and other ways of coping should be conidered and tried before the drugs! I also agree with Kelly that every child who doesn't behave to the exact standards expected of them is labelled as having some condition or other. I honestly believe this isn't always productive. I feel the main consideration is helping people to live a normal life and fit in with society not just labelling them with something or other and letting them get on with it. I really hope you can get to the bottom of any issues that Candra has hun, keep fighting for what you believe is right, but (as i'm sure you do) focus on helping Candra enjoy her life at school, and in general whatever 'condition' she may or may not have! Kiss Xx

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
i've worked with children wo riatlin works for in england when kids get put on it they are assessed weekly we had questionaires to FIL out each lesson. some time children were taken off them. Have you considered getting Candra into some sports? My friends 8 year old has become a different child in school since taking up tennis. remember when you complain to keep voice calm and level so that they don't label you a problem parent.

posted 1 decade 1 year ago

Sorry hun, you didn't actually say in your post why the therapist suggested Candra may need drugs in the future? Have they actually 'diagnosed' her with ADHD?

This is the reason I'm angry. She is not affitially diagnosed with anything at the moment. Which means that the word "drug" should not be anywhere on the assessment letter.

Have you considered getting Candra into some sports?

Candra has been into sports for a few years now. I've registered her into some activities at community centers quite a few tmes. She's been in gymnastics and is currently in musical theater. She's not hyper active, just energetic.

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