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Funactivities for Toddler?

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Does anyone have any good ideas for fun activities for a two year old during the holidays when most of the Toddler groups etc are closed?
We live in a flat, so don't have a garden and I have a very active child who wants and needs to be out and about burning off energy.
We find loads to do during term time, but school holidays there's very little happening for preschool children.We get fed up of tramping round the park everyday and don't have a car!

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
things like play mania and fun land and wacky warehouse are good for treats like that and if u have a ww near you i think they still run thier toddler group throught half term and the holidays

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
swimming,feeding the ducks,walking in the woods

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
- My blog
how about taking a painting activity or something to the park to sit on the grass and do?
weve got a softplay near us called rough and tumble which is great coz it has a seperate toddler section have you nothing like that?

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
We do have a soft play near us but the toddlerarea is really tiny and my DD soon gets fed up with it and wants to get into the older section which she's far too small for, so I don't tend to go there much. Theres not much else to do round here really if you don't drive. We end up walking the streets most days for want of anything better to do.

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Hello xx hope this helps in anyway Smile

Sensory and treasury baskets are wonderful and fun. It lets them explore for themselves different texture and shapes. Its great to watch to see what they do. It can help with hand and eye coordination. Also there concentration span. Ikea have great sensory objects.

A good game is "kims game" you get a tray with different objects eg car, teddy shiny stone. Easy or hard for different ages. The child looks at the tray and you put a cloth over it. Then you turn around using the cloth you take away a object. Then turn around and ask the child what has gone, Its a great memory game and its easy to do. Children do really like it. When they get good, you can not take anything away and see what they say x Its great fun and you can change the objects on the tray also let them do it to you they enjoy getting involved and like it when you find it difficult. It can really get shy children to have a go. If a child doesn't want to do it its a great game to watch.

In ikea there are round boxes all different sizes. They are about £2 and children can use them as stacking boxes. They are good to put presents in them. Also you can put different objects inside and put the lids on. Children enjoy opening the boxes to find out whats inside! Put different objects inside. I have seen great square animal prints ones to they look fun. they are in the candle area and wrapping paper. They do great sensory objects as well. My baby likes the finger puppets.The picture frames are good there £1 for about three.Rolls of paper and chunky chalks and crayons.

Also you can get a pillow case and put an object inside and let your child to feel and think what it is. Ask questions eg soft, hard ect. Its another cheep idea that they enjoy. You can have a go to , it can be quite hard.

Cornflower is great to play with. Invest in a tray eg from a gardening center , that you put seeds in or the pound shop. Get one with high side and no holes. Cornflower powder mixed with water. Its very messy and you will find it places and is hard to remove from carpet. But if you have a area to play with it, its great. Its hard, soft, wet. Use spoons or hands to play around. Children need to do messy play. Buy own brand so its cheaper. Porridge oats and jams are great together. If you have got aprons or overall put them in over sized t shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Jelly is great. Baked beans, cooked or dried pasta.

Get different papers eg xmas or birthday on rolls, tissue paper. sample wallpaper from b and q, crinkle paper. Scatter it around the room and lets them play, hide, explore roll around.

Get a large piece of card put them in wellies and walk around the card with paints. They are make great marks. Take them off use hands and feet.

You can put a piece of paper down and draw around your child. They can draw there eyes, hair ect. It helps them with there identity. Its a great keep sake.

Also if you don't no if your older baby or toddler knows that that's them in the mirror. Put a dot of red lipstick on your finger and put it between there eyebrows and show themselves in the mirror. If the try and rub it off then you no they no themselves. Its great fun to do.

Get a shoebox and when ever you go out to the seaside, woods, or the park collect objects and put them in the box. children sometimes like collecting and looking at what they have got, shell or shiny stone.

You can find a big smooth pebble and your child can paint on it and it can be a door stop or paper weight.

Tree rubbing and leaf printing are fun activities.

Dressing up boxes are great for them to play with. Plastic beads are £1 at the moment in d perkins. Hats, scarves, bangles ,bags purses, hand plastic mirriors,empty plastic bottles, boxes, hair brushes, old mobile phones, clothes, face flannel, used clean toothpaste tube etc. They can rummage and explore. Things must be for the child's age so they don't chock ect, They must be supervised.

Grow cress its easy to do and the learn to care for something.

Remember to feed the birds in the winter with fat balls with seeds in that you can make.The children can watch the birds and learn about them and help the birds through the winter.

Sensory bottles, get used drinks bottles. Washed with the label of. Fill it with lots of baby oil some water and only about two drops of food colouring. Then really put the lids on tight !! Could glue the lids. Young child again must be supervised.When the are turned up side down they look like lava lamps.I have made musical instruments with dried pasta or dried rice even marbles. But the lids must be tight!! Even put just water and glitter in them. Its endless. Small coke bottles are good because of the shape. Use different shaped and size bottles.

Have a small tent\ play house and put toys and objects. It can be great fun to play with them inside.

Book bags are great. Have a book "goldilocks and the three bears" and have props in there eg three bears, bowl and spoon ect. Then when you read the story use the props it can make them more interested, Keep it all in a pillow case. Primark are selling them really reasonable.

You can display there drawing and sticking by pegging them on string across the wall.

You can buy magnetic paint to paint on the wall for the them to display things on. Also paint a square on the wall for them to have there own chalk board.

Children like junk modeling. Have empty boxes, straws ect. But not toilet roll cause of hygiene or egg boxes. Then can stick things that they choose to go together and create something. They can also paint it when it dries.

In a tray you can put a piece of paper in there with a blob of paint and put a marble in there. The child can roll it around and create a marble rolling picture. Its really affective looking. Also in the tray put eg sugar or sand and let them play making marks in it and pattens. Using fingers, paintbrushes spoons ect. Also in the tray have a piece of paper and blobs of paint and a straw and the older child can blow through the straw and make a lovely picture.

There are many different paints, metallic and glitter. You can make up your own with glitter and sequins.Also there are great paint tools they make different shapes and pattens. Roller and printing stamps. ELC sell them and I got a bid pack from the pound shop.

In water tray you can put in food colouring and glitter ect. Also freeze ice cubes with objects inside and watch them melt in the water. They can learn lots of science.

In wicks they have the big black trays that they mix the cement in. They were £10 the last time I saw them. They are great to have on the floor and to do messy or creative play in it.

Make a tent using bedsheets inside and have your lunch inside.

The local library is free and has activities.Also they sometimes sell there books off cheaply - bargain x

Go to your local garden center some have fish there and its free to watch them.

Feed the local duck and squirrels.

Think of anymore I will post them on xxx take care xx happy playing xxxx Very happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
YOU ROCK LOTTIE!!!! Very happy

(don't take that the wrong way tee hee hee)

posted 1 decade 7 years ago

Ladybug said:
YOU ROCK LOTTIE!!!! Very happy

(don't take that the wrong way tee hee hee)

Hee hee Ladybug! Naughty

Lottie, you have some fab ideas! My brain still doesn't work but I'll know who to ask when I need something fun to do!

Very happy


RobRob Admin
posted 1 decade 7 years ago
- My blog
Lottie, did you write all that? If so, would you mind if I reworked your post into an article for the main page of the site? Would be great to have as a resource for all parents Smile

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Embarassed *Blushing * Yes I wrote it and it my ideas xx If you want to re work it and use it, no problem but there a small charge (joking xx) xx anymore ideas will post them on xx

Ladybug hee hee xx take care hun xx Smile

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