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Predictor Pregnancy Test

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Can anyone tell me about the predictor pregnancy test. It's an old one I've had in the drawer (unopened) since my last pregnancy 3 years ago, I don't have the instructions as it was from a pack of two and I must have thrown them out with the box.

Anyway I used it last night and a pink dot appeared but I don't know if this means positive or not. It is different to the predictor ones you can buy now. I looked at their website and the one I used has three windows - two dots either side of a square. They all turned pink initially but now only one has a pink dot in it.

Can anyone advise?


posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Sorry hun, i'm not sure, but usually there is a window that shows the test has worked correctly. It is normally a dot or a line that shows it has got enough wee to take a reading? I would guess as there is only one dot on the stick that it may be for this, therefor the test seems negative? However i may be completely wrong. I would just go and buy another test and try again hun. Especially as you had the other one over 3 years. It may be out of date? If you can't wait until monday, some larger garages sell them. Sorry i couldn't be more help hun. I hope you get the result you are hoping for. Keep us informed how it goes Xx

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