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I'm worried about ...

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
how having another baby could affect the kids. I'm at my ovulation stage this weekend and it's all very real that there could be a little tiny person just formed inside me. I'm almost scared to have sex tonight incase it does get me pregnant. I really want another baby BUT i'm feeling really worried about the way it could change the whole dynamic of the family. It's so nice with the four of us and there's a nice balance and I'm worried I'm being selfish wanting another baby. It may be what I want but it may not be right for the whole family. We have one girl and one boy and a mum and a dad-obviously. If we have another boy will it affect the two boys or if it's another girl will it affect the girls? You know with competetiveness and jealousy. Will we get the middle child syndrome? I don't really know what it's like because I have no siblings, my hubby on the other hand is the oldest of 5 and his family are not close atall. Also Summer and Denis have a really great relationship and that is the most important part to me, that they get on makes me really happy. Will a third hild throw a spanner in the works (permanently).

Please don't think I don't want a baby because I really do, I'm just concerned about the babies I already have and I want another child to be a good thing not a negative on the family. Am I just FREAKING OUT or what??? Cuckoo

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Don't worry at all! The children will see the pregnancy and new baby as an adventure, and you and your hubby will give all 3 the same love and attention which is the important thing. I am the eldest of 3, my sister and I were 9 and 8 when my brother was born and we were very happy to have our little brother and we are all close still. Kiss

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I have to say, i don't think you are selfish at all. For me, the most important thing is that all the children are treated as individuals (as i'm sure you do already and will continue to do) and that they all receive love and attention from their mum and dad. Making sure each child has their own place in the family.
I have a brother and a sister, and am the oldest of my siblings. I was nearly nine when my little sister was born and my brother was nearly seven. We all got along fine (well, apart from the normal everyday squabbling) and we still get along great now! I think your children will all be happy as long as you are happy, whether that means having another child or not? Try not to stress on this too much, you are a great mum and will continue to be a great mum however many children you have. All your kids are lucky to have you as their mum. Very happy
I have a sneaky feeling that you know the answer to this question but are just having a freak out moment that you have made the right decision. What would you say to someone else who had asked this same question? I have a feeling you would say follow your heart, try not to worry too much and go for it! Kiss Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Thanks ladies, it's been helpful to hear from two of you who are 1 of 3 siblings yourself as you've reassured me you have good relationships with your family still into adult life. I really do want to have another baby and I would try my best to be fair with all of them. It's just been hard for me to imagine because I myself don't really have a conventional family or up bringing, it was all abit of a mess and muddle when I was a child. So I don't really have anything to compare to.

Feeling abit more settled on the subject now.

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