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Think I'm going to get a positive.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I'm so excited. This is the 2nd month that SO and I have been trying to conceive and I think we did it. I'm fairly sure that I had some implantation bleeding on the 9th and I've had some slight cramping a few times since then. My period is due next Monday so I've only got a few days left. Oh, the suspense is so bad. I just have this feeling now that it will be positive and I just can't wait to tell everyone. Anyway, good luck to anyone else trying to conceive. I'm throwing lots of baby dust your way.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Sending lots of positive thoughts for a positive result for you and your family!! Keep us updated of course!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Good Luck hun x

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Must have missed this one, sorry. I hope you got a positive result hun. Much luck for you Xx

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