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hi there i'm new here

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
hi there, my name is amanda (27) and i've been married to my DH (guy 33)for 3 yrs and we've been TTC since august 2005,
i have pcos which doesn't help but apart from that everything is fine. we did take a little break in july due to starting new job but we are slowly getting back in to it now.

i have been cramping on and off for the past couple of days but it's nothing like my normal pre AF cramps so who know but i don't think i'm that lucky.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Welcome to JP hun , there is a great bunch of people here so i'm sure you will enjoy it and fit in great. I am Mandy, mum to Lauren (Lolly)2 1/2 and Jake 81/2mths. Here's hoping for a sucessful outcome for you this month! Keep us informed how you are getting on hun Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
- My blog
A bit of positive thinking, obvi dont get to excited in case you get let down again but also dont be to negative, chin up Very happy

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
thanx for the reply's girls. i will try a stay pos until i pluck up the courage to

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hey and welcome to JP

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
hello welcome to JP Im Lucy and married to Chris, mum to Gemma 11 and Tom 14

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi ya,im Jo mum to Vic 4 1/2 and Sam 3mnths welcome to jp and good luck TTC. Kiss

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hello, welcome to jp. Im sarah 22 been married to DH carl for almost 18month. We've got a DD chloe who is just 2. we are TTC no. 2. Good luck to you, my fingers are crossed. xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi Amanda, welcome to JP, I'm Tammy with a 5 yr old DD called Aaralyn...

Good luck with TTC, I hope it happens really soon for you!!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi Amanda, I'm Krista with an (almost) 10 year old daughter called Jasmine and 2nd one imminent - big gap! Wink

Welcome to JP

Hope it's your time now. Keep us posted won't you Smile

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi there and welcome

I am Paula(33) married to Phil who is 34. Our son Harrison is 9.5 months.

Everyone is lovely on here

FIngers and toes crossed things happen for you soon


posted 1 decade 5 years ago
hi. im faye have a daughter who is 8 and been TTC for 2 months after miscarriage early september. i was told i had PCOS too when i was 17 and had very irregular periods. caught for my daughter whilst on the pill (heaven knows how that happened) my periods went really regular after having her and my cycles are 28 days to the day now.
good luck with TTC lets hope it happens to us all very soon!! keep us posted on what happens xx

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