Hiya everyone
Seems I have been away for ages...
The overhaul of the Tail-Swishing website www.tail-swishing.co.uk is now pretty much complete.

We have FREE delivery on all items now, no matter what their size or price.

Tail-Swishing's product range has increased and we have now introduced a range of children's toys from traditional rocking horses, dolls houses and wooden toys to pedal powered cars and wheelybugs.
All categories have been revamped with many new products added to our personalised certificates, christening gifts, and plush toys to name a few...

Hope you like the new look pastel blues and pinks on our homepage a creative design decision made after much debating, please let us know what you think?

Usborne Books now takes the form of a seperate Usborne books at home shop with the full range of Usborne books available plus the opportunity to enter a fabulous monthly competition to win £100 worth of books each month.
If you are currently looking to work from home why not join my team, and make your dreams a reality, you can do as little or as much as your own commitments allow.

Once again I thank everyone who has helped, supported, and purchased, without you guys Tail-Swishing would not exist...

My husband last night pointed out that he doesnt think the business should be called a "small" one anymore, and today at a business meeting I felt I was being pushed to open our own store, but as I stated that kind of defeats the purpose of "work from home"

P.S Should anyone be interested in a feature in our new newsletter or advertising space on the website please contact us via our advertise page, www.tail-swishing.co.uk/advertise_with_us.php as we will offer reasonable rates for all "small" businesses as we truly do know what its like, having fallen into the hands of larger marketing campaigns of "big money - little results!"