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In agony with SPD

posted 1 decade 3 months ago
hi i just wondered if anyone else is suffering from SPD im in agony its driving me mad it hurts to sit, stand, walk, lay down basically anything LOL. I have only got 2 weeks left to go now but they said hes a big baby and have been to midwife today and they have brought my consultant date forward to thursday. I keep spotting aswell midwife said it could be some kind of show but there is no mucus with it has anyone else had that? thanks for reading cheryl xxx

posted 1 decade 3 months ago
Aww, hi hun. So sorry to hear you are suffering Sad try and stay positive - only 2 more weeks to go! I know how you feel with the spd though. I was never diagnosed with it as tbh i was afraid to say it hurt so much as i have 'white coat syndrome' i'm sure it was though as even just trying to tuen over in bed was agony. On a positive note it cleared up almost immediately after DS was born hun! Thumbs Up As for the spotting, is definitely possible that it is your show? I would go back and get it checked out in a day or so if still bleeding though hun. Or if it gets any heavier? I'm sure it is nothing though, and could be a sign of impending labour! Clapping keep us informed hun. Good luck if you go into labour before we speak again!!!!

posted 1 decade 3 months ago
Hug OUCH hun i know how painful SPD is i had it from half way through my pregnancy right untill the end Crying Just remember to put a pillow between your legs at night or when you wake up in the morning it will feel worse Sad
Wishing you luck. not long to go now. Thumbs Up

posted 1 decade 3 months ago
I had this really bad with both pregnancies,even up to 1 year after baby was born,you can ask for painkillers if its to bad as I had to take these just to get around,

posted 1 decade 3 months ago
Awww, sorry to hear you're suffering hon Sad

I get quite a few pains low down now but nothing as bad as it sounds like you're suffering from. I do use a big sausage shaped pillow at night and it certainly helps although turning over is a major exercise Embarassed

I've got 2 weeks left too hon and I'm petrified of being induced and all that could go with that so let's hope we both have a bouncing baby soon! Hug

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