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I need to scream or something (update)

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Last edited by bunnigirl 1 decade 7 years ago
Mad I am gonna go mad what do i do
ADVICE PLEASE I have a 10 year old and she is doing my head in she is mouthy all the time and she says she hates me and she has just said "I cant wait to leave this house" this is tearing me apart I feel like screaming I just dont no what to do
She gets on at her brothers and sisters all the time she hits them and shouts at them
you ask her to do something and u have to ask her 20 so times and if she is bad ans you tell her off or sometimes if u just talk to her she just crys all the time and gets worse
I ask her dad to help me out and bless him he talks to her cos she usually listens snd while he is she is all sweetness and its "yes daddy" "no daddy" I promise I will be a good girl daddy" and then when he has gone shejust goes back to being herself shouting and screaming at me
some of the things she says are very hurtful and they make me cry I just don't no what to do
any adivce anyone can give will be a help as I cant continue like his anymore. Crying

well me and her dad decided to take her out and give her some quality time together so tonight we took her to the cinema and kfc ahh bless her she thought she was having to go to the emergency dentist as she has a broken tooth (thats tomorrow )
so wee took her to kfc and she was like i cant eat anything yet i havent been so daddy said yes u can we will give u a drink after hun so she had her tea and loved it
then we needed petrol so we decided to use the one at the side of the movies and her daddy was like can we go and check out the times of a film as we r close so we nipped in and he distracted her while i got the tickets and then she went into this drawing studio thing and had her picture drawed with her daddy while i showed the user the tickets and let him into our secret and they was so kind and helpful
then we decided to go through and have a look around and we said she could have a drink and some popcorn for after the dentist and so she had all this and was still non the wiser bless her
so daddy said i no while we are here shall we watch a film so shannon said yeah but what about the dentist and tickets
thats when we told her of the plan and she was like i love u too ur the best
that made me so happy
she went to see noprbit with eddie murphy and it was so funny she loved every minute of it
and i just wanted to tell u for those 4 hours i had my baby back i just hope she stays Very happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
have you tried explaining to her that she is hurting you?
my sister went through this, she isnt much younger than me but im alot more 'motherly' and i told her what she is doing to our mum and explained that if it doesnt stop they are going to fall out big time, iv even smacked her one, although i dont suggest that as it might make your daughter worse... my sisters are all the 'teen hormones' iv come across so im not much help.
by the way my sister was a teen not 10, she dealt with the slap pretty well lol

stay calm with her hun, ignore the bad, praise the good, and when she hurts the younger ones take them away from her, let her sit alone and think about what she has done... or failing that send her to me, im a tough mummy Wink

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Is there anything going on at school or with friends, she sounds like shes hurt and angry inside.........the alternative is hormones - my eldest went through that stage and still is come to think about it, but hes 12 so i expect it.

As for how to deal with it, when she is being abusive, she needs to be sent away to her room or you walk away so she hasn't got an audience. When my son is *off on one* hes in his room, and he doesn't come down till the *tantrum* is over!!!

And lastly you know she doesn't mean it honey, i know its hurtful but she loves you and is just lashing out, try and ignore what she says and take it for what it is, just a grown-up tantrum.......don't let her see if phases you, if she doesn't get the reaction she wants she won't do it.

Kiss good luck hon, we're here for you to rant to if you need it Smile

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
thanks guys i am gonna try everything u have said as i need to do something and i will let u no how it goes and thanks for being there god i am glad someoneis u might regret saying u r there when i need to rant though lol
xxxx Very happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
I only have little ones, so don't really have any advice!

Wishing you luck tho, hope it gets better soon!


posted 1 decade 7 years ago

hipmomma said:
I only have little ones, so don't really have any advice!

Wishing you luck tho, hope it gets better soon!


thanks hun i need all the luck i can get lol nice to no u r here too though thanks Smile

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