My son (just turned 4 yrs old) has been attending a montessori daycare nursery, he never wants to go in the mornings, nor to leave me but seems to settle there OK and they assure me he has built good relationshps with staff and children there. He hasnt been back to the nursery since before summer hols as he only goes in school term time.
The nursery is a 10 mile round trip from my home and I'm considering moving him now because i study 2 days a week in the opposite direction from the nursery. The nursery staff are encouraging me to make use of a small private bus that he could use to access the nursery to save on all the driving(it picks up early in the morning however and my son isnt good in the mornings at the best of times!)
The nursery he attends is a very good one, and staff are pointing out it is not good to change nurseries from the childs perspective-relationships built up etc but I am unsure of the bus idea...what if he throws a tantie about getting on it one morning? he is still so little! I'm not sure about putting him on there for a 15 minute drive with other kids- The nursery is in the grounds of a private school and bus is for the pupils.

I cant decide what is best for him- keeping him at the same nursery with the emotional cost of putting him on the bus by himself, OR making a clean break now to another montessori nursery.
I would appreciate other parents views or shared experiences on what happened with their child if they changed nurseries?
I know I'm a very protective mum! lol
thanks in advance
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