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My birth story from 6 years ago (long)

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I'm sorry, but i have to rant about this, even 6 1/2 years later!

My labour experience was ridiculous. Let alone I was 30 hours long, I had some of the worst, unsympathetic nurses and doctors. I had this very strict, rigid woman storm in my room and yell at me about how fast I was breathing. I slowed my breathing to the point where I felt I wasn't breathing and she still told me I was breathing too fast. Angry She also yelled at me for hyperventilating in the laughing gas. Mad I went through 2 cans in 20 min. (That stuff didn't work, it just made me high). i really wanted a natural birth and declined the pressure to use any other drug. But, because there was a no screaming rule, the scary lady insisted and I thought she was going to stab me with the epidural needle. Shocked I gave in. It was a good thing though, mom said my contractions were so strong I probably wouldn't of made it. Shocked I was also told, after hours and hours, that because I was still dialated at 2 cm, I still had " long way to go". I remember in prenatal class that nurses weren't supposed to say that. Tounge Out
During actual birth I didn't see her around and was relieved. Then I as I was wheeled into the birthing room, all i heard was her screaming at me at the top of her lungs. Angry She told me I had to hold my legs, I wasn't allowed to hold my boyfriends hand. Upset I had to get stitches and this man (Now, I really don't believe men should be allowed to be gynocologists or of the such)doctor came in and put the freezing in, but didn't wait for the freezing to kick in. He just proceeded on with the stitching. He had the nerve to ask me "why are you saying ow when I gave you the freezing. Angry He was also the same man that liked to go around breaking everyones water. Apperently there were a bunch of us pregos hogging up the labour rooms.

Then after Candra was born my usual obst. came back from lunch. It sucked that she was barely there through everything. I wish she was to control the nazi nurse. Crying

The next 3 days at the hospital was exhuasting. Isn't that the time to rest? I had family and nurses comming in and out of my room all day. From start of visiting hours to the end. I was very upset because we didn't have a private room and my boyfriend couldn't stay with me. Upset
And, because i was 17, I had to have CFS nosey in on me. She ordered me to feed Candra every 2 hours on the dot and the feedings had to last 45 min's. Even if Candra was too tired to nurse,I had to force her. She said this in a very angry voice in front of my whole family. once i refused because Candra was falling asleep. Another mean nusre (or i think she was a nurse) grabbed my breast and forcibly shoved it into her mouth. Angry Angry I don't think she could legally do that.
I had a very rude nurse type person who does things like bring you food and help you with private matters, she ranted about how much flowers were on my bed table and got very impatient with my private concerns. Angry Angry Angry Mad Mad

I feel so much better I got this out of me. Thank you for your time to!

(This is my story and opinions. I understand that it wasn't he worst thing that could have happend and I am not saying it is the worst. I just expect more compassion from hospital care givers!)

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
- My blog
OMG!! dont think i would want that hospital again in case i would recieve them staff, i thought mine was horrible

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Oh my God! What a horrific story! Giving birth should be all smiles and awe.. not feeling like a Jew in a concentration camp!!

I was 19 when I gave birth to my Son, 4 years ago.. and there was one nurse there who was pretty mean. In the middle of the night, the day after having my emergency ceserean section, she dragged me into the kitchen of the ward and made me stand there and learn how to sterilise bottles. I was LITERALLY falling asleep in front of her.. I had just put my six-week premature baby back to sleep after a feed (feeds were 1 and a half hours then) and REALLY wanted to catch up on some sleep myself!! Oh.. and I think I should mention.. not only was I 19 and (in my eyes) a grow-up.. they treated me like a child in that ward. I'm just SO glad this time around I'm 23 and MORE than capable!!

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