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Living in Mitcham, Surrey and not much company around me

posted 1 decade 4 months ago
Well my partner and I have recently found out we're expecting out first baby on 10th May 2009 and whilst it's the most amazing (and very surreal) Thumbs Up news, I'm kind of a little upset that I've not made the effort before to get out and meet people. We moved to Mitcham in May this year and I keep saying, 'I'll join a club I'll join a club', but you guessed it, I Never got around to it!

So I find myself at 28, pregnant and with very few friends to support me during this time (Don't get me wrong my boyfriend is great). I worry that if I don't get out and about much when the baby is born he/she will become quite clingy, as I have seen happen. My sister/best friend, moved to America over a year ago and this is what makes it harder.

So if you have any advice on groups for early expectant mothers or perhaps any other ideas, I'd be very grateful for your help and advice.

Thank you
Laura. Smile

posted 1 decade 4 months ago
when you become pregnant you kind of automatically join a group

so talk to other pregnant ladies that you see, i done this in the park last month and me and my new mummy friend have met up a couple of times since

plus if you find someone whos a bit more pregnant than you they can hand down their new born clothes as they hardly ever get worn baby grows so fast

online places like here are fab for on tap advice and tips

posted 1 decade 4 months ago
HI there and welcome Wave

I am Paula and live in Warwickshire, mummy to Harrison who is 8 months and live with my hubby.

I would suggest going to the baby groups when you have given birth the midwives and health visitors will tell you when and where they are.

I know whats its like when a best mate moves. My best mate moved but come back after a year or so. But its surprising what other things you end up doing

There alot of mums in the same situation

PLus of course we are all here Smile


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