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new here and TTC any advice welcome :-)

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
hey everyone, im new here.

me and my partner have been trying to concieve for a couple of months now to no avail. we are a young couple and he has children from a previous relationship.

ive been finding it very hard when ive found out im not pregnant as its all ive ever wanted since i was a little girl. i am currently trying to loose a bit of weight as i am slightly over weight but other than that i cant think of anything that could stop me from concieving easily.

i am taking pregnicare suppliments that are for aid to conception and pregnancy. eating healthily and drinking plenty of water. i get around 7 hours sleep a night. so i cant see why ive not fallen. i know for some people its not that easy but im just finding it upsetting.

is there any advice/hints and tips that anyone knows that could help with the process? e.g certain foods to eat/avoid, positions, routines, things like that that have helped people in the past. i know they may not work for me but theres no harm in trying as i want this so bad.

thank you lovely people in advance and sorry for the essay!

Rachel xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi ya hun and welcome to JP.It can take a while for some people to conceive even when there are no problems.My first time TTC happened in the blink of an eye the second time around i took two years and there were no issues just timing i think??
The only advise i can give you is keep doing what your doing but dont stress stay as calm and positive as you can.I would recomend keeping your bottom elevated for 10 minutes or so after doing the deed so gravity can help those little swimmers get to where they are going.
Goodluck TTC and hope to chat

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
thank you.

i hope it happens soon. fingers crossed.

Rachel xxx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Don't panic, although my first was a happy accident, we weren't beeen overly careful for a good few months and with my son it took 11 months.

It can take upto a good year to for couples who are perfectly healthy and have nothing wrong fertility wise to fall on so don't worry. Stressing over the hope you are pregnant, or why your not falling on also will affect you.

Good luck TTC x

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
thanks for that. im trying to stay calm and i am having alot of fun whilst TTC (obviously hehe Naughty ) its only when it comes close to AF due date thats when i start stressing because im hoping AF doesnt start.
every now and then during the month i think that i could be and hope that i am but then few minutes later im no longer thinking about it so i dont think about it too much during the month only around AF due time.

im being whisked away on holiday soon so hopefully will come back relaxed and stress free.

this month im going to just try and not think about it at all and just think if its meant to happen it will happen.

fingers crossed for the future though.

Rachel xxx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
It took my partner and I the best part of 2 years to finally become pregnant! We're now 5 weeks gone and looking forward to the furture. I had one close friend I confided in about TTC and she said maybe it will happen once you relax more. So I stopped thinking about becomming pregnant and low and behold, within a couple of months of our conversation we had fallen! My AF dates were always to the dot and I used to test quite a lot. I think I kind of became a little obssessed!! It was also causing a little friction between my BF and I as I was always upset when my monthly time came around Sad Face advice....just relax!! It will happen when you least expect it!
Very happy Good luck!!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
HI there and welcome

I am Paula, mummy to Harrison who is 8.5months old. it took me along time to get pregnant and was just about to start ivf when i fell pregnant. On average it takes a very healthy couple on average a year to fall so do not start panicking.

Are you trying wound the main ovalation time? How long is your cycle? 28 days etc?

I am sure it will happen soon for you both

Hope to speak soon


posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi hun, welcome to JP

Sorry i don't have many tips for you, but i just wanted to say i totally agree with everyone else. Smile Stress has a lot of effects on the body and finding it difficult to conceive is one of them. Being as relaxed as possible about it all is a definite must! That and stopping drinking/smoking/eating too much/little and your man also following these things, as well as wearing loose fitting pants to help keep those dangly bits, cool and carefree! Wink lol

It does sound as if you are doing everything right to me, up to a year is perfectly normal. You could try using ovulation sticks but i wouldn't get carried away with them as they can become obsessive and are also expensive! Have fun trying and enjoy your holiday. I'm sure it will happen for you, good luck! Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
thank you to everyone for the replies.

i think i need to try and not think about it around my AF dates.

it makes me really upset when it starts and i spend a couple of days crying about it cos it is very disheartening.

ive always had this fear of not being able to have children and everytime AF starts i always think my fear is true.

its nice to have other people who have been there or who are going through the same thing to be able to talk to about these things.

to who asked how long my cycle is its 24/25 days. so roughly soon to be ovulating in just over a week. but im trying not to think about it so im just going to go with the flow.

Rachel xxx

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