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Im taking Vic to see a dietition

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I cant cope with his eating habbits anymore.Justin and i are at our wits end with it all breakfast,lunch and dinner is a nightmare for us as he is now hardly eating at all Sad Face
We have made a appointment with our gp and Justin is coming too (for moral support lol).We are going to demand a referal to see a dietition (i asked my gp last time and he said this phase would pass)that was two years ago and now its getting worse.
Vic is hardly eating anything,i have tried everything possible and we dont make a big fuss if he doesnt eat.we dont get angry or upset as this makes him not want to eat even more.We have even tried to feed him mc donalds,chips, hotdogs etc but he wont eat.
He lives of carrot sticks, cucumbers,pears the occasional piece of toast or bread roll and water.Vic refuses any type of meat and he will actually vomit if we put something different infront of him im beggining to think this is all psycological????
The last time i took him for his check up they told me he is fine and growing well,i think he is very pale but he is so full of energy all the time.I also got told that maybe he is constipated and that can put him of food but he is as regular as clockwork (i check every day).I just feel as though he is not getting enough food into him and some nights when he doesnt eat at all i go to bed crying and feeling guilty even though i tried. Upset
He wont even eat chips,chocolate or lollies. Suspect

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
wow Shocked

it sounds very stressful Kiss it must cause problems when out/visiting people

lets hope the dietition can explain the importance of a balanced diet to him and he starts to try some new foods

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
It is a bit awkward when we go out as i get paranoid and think that people probably think i dont feed him. Suspect I even lie sometimes when we go out for dinner with friends and tell them he ate earlier but i still order him something in the hope that maybe he might at least pick at something. Sad Face

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
hope all goes well and you get him in with the dietician. I agree hun it does sound physcological.

Kiss's to you, it must be so stressful, but don't be blaming yourself for it xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
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firstly hun. its not yr fault and very well could be psychological. we are waiting for an appointment with a psychologist for ben as he is a nightmare eater too. his diet is yoghurts, tomato soup and wotsit crisps. thats it. he wont eat anything lumpy and like vic will vomit if somewthing different is put infront of him. ben has been like this about 18months. we now give him what he wants and dont make a fuss and dont get ourselves stressed as that doesnt help. since doing this he started eating soup which was a huge step.

ben is fine with his weight, height and isnt constipated either.

weve seen a dietician but that hasnt helped ben, but i hope it helps vic. really push hun and if yr dr doesnt refer you then find another who will. good luck hunni x

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
The dietician will help make some healthy food choices and might recommend pureeing his food. But his problems could be more underlying. He may have some sort of stomach problem or a problem with his throat or tonsils. I would take him back to his paediatrician and get a referel to see a specialist for the above.
As for not eating meat, he may have seen somewhere the process of preparing meat in a saughter house, maybe on the telly. Or he could have some food anxieties. I think your doing a good job encouraging positive outlooks on food. I would recommend seeing a dietician to actually see what he may be lacking in nutrients and a good pep talk with him about how good food is for him. But still get a second medical opinion to find the source of his detest for food.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Aww hun, this must be stressful for you both. It does sound pschological to me. By the sounds of it you have been doing everything right, not showing vic how stressed you are by him not eating etc. I really hope you get an answer to his habits hun. Keep pushing your doctor for a referal! Kiss Kiss Kiss Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
ihave a complete fusspot for a kid and one that hoovers anything in sight!!!

they told me it was a phase as well.

carrot sticks and cucumber and pears, toast, they all sound like good foods and if he was hungry hed say, i wouldnt beat yourself up about it, you cannot be in his head knowing what hes thinbking.

Tom will still vomit at the thought of any new foods, its come the fact hell eat fish, sausages, chicken and nothing else. He eats approximately 3 types of veg thats lettuce, peas and cucumber.

Can you imagine how hard it is to take him out for a meal, pizza, chips and wedges are now being introduced and now we are getting better.

This is Tom we are talking about.

I wish you luck and let us know how you got on, but please dont worry if hes thriving and doing well its just hes not a big eater, give him what he wants and dont fuss, hell pick up on it, let him eat what he can, it better than starving himself hes taking whatever he needs and you say hes not lethargic or ill, so he must be getting the vitamins he needs.

Tom made up for whatever he lacked with milk!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
i think im in the same boat as u my son is a very fussy eater i giv up somtimes but if ur son has lots of energy thats a good thing my son seems to think toys is more important than eating hav u cuold always try and hide meat or disguise it some how in the food it depends on his age whether or not u can hide the meat.good luck anyway Unsure

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