Hi Alex,
I am really sorry for you and hope that soon; things will change so that you can have someone to talk to, someone who can be there for you and someone you will be there for. It is not easy to lead a lonely life especially if you have been in a marriage. Well, I really want to advise and help you. However, I need some critical information about yourself if you don’t mind so that I can be able to pick the most appropriate advice for you. First, I would be happy if you told me how old you are. Second, let me know for how long you had been in the previous marriage and what made it not to work. In the meantime, I would advise that you adjust your lifestyle a little bit. You have mentioned that you seldom go out. That you are always at home attending to Joseph and home work. Well, perhaps this is your undoing. You need to get out there mingle with friends and make new friends. I want to advise you not to take life too seriously. Be flexible and take risks.