I am soooo pleased with Candra's new school. The patrols seem well trained and responsible. No one throwing their flags across the street or running back and forth and goofing off. The school is well taken care of. The teachers actually like to give you a review of your child's day. The staff value the potential of the students and higher expectations form them, but at the same time they want the kids to enjoy themselves. I even asked about any talent shows they might have and recieved a civilized answer. There are assemblies every month and students may show off talent or anything else they want to share with the school. So the teacher will let Candra sing to the class to determine if she has any stage fright. If Candra feels comfortable she'll be singing and dancing in front of the whole school. Very happy
As you can probably tell, Candra's old school was not either of the above. Teeth This created so much loss for opportunities. Luckily she's in a better school for grade 1 and beyond.