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Other people's breast milk....

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
I saw it. I dont know where i stand.

If i could breast feed i would not let anyone else breast feed my child i cannot understand why there is a need.

if i couldnt breast feed then i wouldn't mind using someone elses breast milk.. but not directley from the breast..

happydazy one couple they interviwed said it costs $2 for a bag 30mls. so would work out to be very expensive as yopu would still feed on demand (i presume)

the idea of direct from the breast being supposidly better i dont get as i thought that direct from the breast was for bonding and you get the same nutrients from expressing

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
Yep i watched it too. It was definitely a very interesting programme, i think it would have made a lot of people think it wasn't as weird as they initially think.
However i still don't understand the shared feeding if you can feed your baby yourself. The two friends that were swapping each others children around i found just plain strange? Why?, they even swapped half way through feeding? Surely this doesn't benefit the baby as they are getting the fore milk from one mother then the hind milk from another? Confused
I also found the woman who said she found it a sexual experience just plain scary, especially as she couldn't explain what she meant properly? feeding a child is definitely not sexual at all in my book! She didn't even ask the parents if she could do it but told them when they picked the child up. She said they didn't mind? I would have! She wasn't even lactating at the time, although she says she later started to lactate. Why didn't she just try a dummy (pacifier? for oversees readers) to comfort the baby? She worried me a lot! Was that just me? Xx

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
no she worried me to i would have reported her to ther police if it was me. how can you find BF sexual?? strange women.. even the interviewer found it strange

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
I've only just come across this thread, all of our children have been fed on breastmilk that we have bought from UK breastmilk banks, Pippa was breastfed by my sister from 9 weeks until she recently self weaned, she did have to have some formula a few months ago though as she was ill and couldn't keep much down so she was given high calorie formula as she had been losing weight quite quickly.

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