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I don't have the motivation to work

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Ever since I've become a parent I have absolutely no motivation to agressively find work. Candra is not in daycare and may be comming home for lunch so I can't be out of the house for long during the day, but working evenings seems bothersome to me. We don't have very much money. I feel so.....not normal for a mom because aren't moms supposed to work wherever they get a job for there kids? My in-laws are not impressed that I don't try harder to bring in money and they don't believe domestic work is important enough for a hard earned credit. And, I hear their voices more often about it than my mom.
Am I just a lazy procrastinator? Or, am I just too comfortable at home? I was offered a job to sell avon, but I'm not even onto that. I am doing homeschooling so I can get the career I'm obsessing about.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
It's not easy to fit things around the kids. I'm not sure how things work in Canada but child day care in the UK costs a lot of money, until they get the vouchers from the government that entitles them to 5 half days sessions per week. So if you were paying for child care and then not working I could perhaps see what they were saying.

That said you are looking after the house and studying towards a qualification that will hopefully get you a good career later so they should understand that you're not sat around doing nothing.

Once the kids are in school it is easier because, here anyway, you could go out and get a 10-2 type job to bring in some cash. The biggest problem is what to do over the summer holidays with regards to child care.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Alot of comapnies that do the 10-2 kind of job over here understands you have kids so will try to find temporary staff to cover the parents so hopefully it will be the same over there

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
All I can say hun, is enjoy your LO, while you can. I went back to work full-time when my daughter was 4 months as I had to for the money and I went back, although part-time, when George was just 13 weeks old Sad Face

It annoyed me how reliant we were on my wage even though I'm not classed as the breadwinner, if you are getting by then don't feel pushed by anyone. You are doing your home schooling and looking after your daughter too, you do what you feel is best.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
i went back to work when izzy was 10months old and i was back less than a year before off and i been off on what is classed as long term sick now since february as i was struggling and i had bad pre and post natal depression so i hadnt fully recovered from that and i was finding myself struggling to get up for work and having really odd thoughts about if i crashed my car would i live or die when i was driving to work i am slowly getting back on the mend now without help of medication but with the great support of a shrink i have been seeing for 2 years and im not embarassed to say that i am seeing a shrink as its nothing to be embarrassed about maybe if more people spoke out more people would actually seek help when they need that extra support when life is getting tough but obviously my knee injury now has set me back further about going back to work front.

Im a single mum too so izzy is completely reliant on me financially and emotionally so my situation is slightly different again from yours but id say enjoy your child whilst shes young i feel the time i have had off has benefitted me and izzy greatly. in the uk at the moment they are talking about bringing it in that mums can claim benefits until their child is 7 when they are settled into a school before having to start looking at going back to work i dont know if canada have similiar policies etc as the uk but as previous people have said over here companies have to offer flexible working hours to parents with children in school.

i even heard about these things you can do online where you answer peoples text questions or you become a personal assistant but stay at home and do everything through your pc etc if you dont think you could leave the house thats always an idea work from home jobs

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