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2WW ............and im getting Testing itchy feet already!!

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
Hi guys am in the 'fertile days' (28th aug-7th sep) so sorry to be a little TMI but DH and I have been at it like teenages all weekend I think I did O but dont track temps etc so not 100% sure but anyways the little swimmers have a few days in there to try and seek out egg we'll see
Its not actually 2weeks but 12days as i am testing on Bday which is 12th

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
Good luck x

Welcome to JP

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
Good luck hun let us know how you go.xx

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
Have myfingers crossed for you hun, good luck! Xx

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
I know exactly how you feel. I think that I'm pregnant but I took a test last week and it came up neg. I haven't started my period yet so I'm going to test again Friday. Good Luck!

posted 1 decade 10 months ago
hi all well CD29 and took test today FMU got a bfn Sad Face Sad Face but AF still no show (due today) so hopefull its too early and i O'd later and implantation occured later or something can you see im trying to convince myself??? hows everyone ? any BFP's??

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