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Grandma says to fail kids when the school won't

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Get this.
My mother in-law suggests that if Candra struggles in school even though she gets good marks, I should still force her to repeat the whole grade. Mad
She then has the nerve to say that if Candra doesn't repeat a grade she will continue to struggle and drop out of school later on. Tounge Out
Then she summons up the right to admit that she failed her son (my boyfriend) because he was struggling. Cuckoo
I, on the otherhand, have struggled in school, too. The only reason I have failed a subject is because I had a failing grade. If i ever got good marks despite how much i worked for it, I was praised. I stayed in school. Took time off to have Candra in grade 12 and then continued on to try and complete grade 12.
I would never fail Candra for good grades.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
tell her to mind her own business i would, it seems that she should keep her opinions to herself!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
sounds totally daft to me! ? Cuckoo

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
well that one has confused the hell out of me! Why would you? How is putting her back when she has got good grades going to help her? Surely that eill just put her off trying her hardest to learn? I know i would have felt what's the point when even if i do well i get put back anyway! I agree with Lucy hun. Thank her for her opinion but tell her you and her teacher will come to a decision about any education issues if and when they arise! Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
yea! what they said!!

I'm guessing the mom in law might be the know it all type! Wink Good luck dealing with her hun Kiss

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