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haydens new sleeping habit

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
haydens started to move up his cot through the night, when he gets to the top he keeps trying to go further and so hurts his head (i dont have a bumper on) so twists.

aswel as this he banging and grabing the bars, and throwing his dummy out the cot so im having to hunt for it tn the middle of the night.

im so tierd coz, as im sure is same with most, im the one that hears him and has to deal with it. does anyone have any ideas what may stop, or at leas quieten him down? im thinking of having him in bed with us 2nite so i can sleep.

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
my boy was just as wiggly

theres not much you can do about it. cot bumpers are not reccommended

i got a long toy snake and that helped with some of the head bumping

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
How old is Hayden? Amy was a wiggly baby and was forever banging her head or trapping limbs in the bars. When she got to a year old I bought a very thin pillow and placed that at the top of the cot under the fitted sheet. It seemed to stop her moving about so much.

As for the dummy thing, unless you want to stop him having one at night there's nothing you can do.

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
Yep, Jake is 7mths and is just as bad at scooting along. He pushes he legs down and pushes himself backwards, scooting along. I know it's a pain hun. Tbh i'm not sure there is much you can do? If anyone has any ideas, i'd love to hear them too! As much as it is difficult i do think it is worth persevering with him being in his own bed. The last thing you want is to give him another habit of not sleeping unless he is in with you. The wiggling will probably still keep you awake even if he is in with you hun? Xx

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
It could be teething or growing pains. Babies are at their most active stages when their bodies are taking on a growth spurt. Is he eating more? Sleeping less? Or is he just uncomfortable? How old is he?

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
George was the same hun...i put him in the travel cot so he didnt bump his head and he only pushed into the mesh sides instead.

I tried him in his own bed firstly but he was a bit to young so then tried the travel cot which worked.

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
hes 8months. i tried him in our bed but he was just as bad and i slept less, so he was put back in cot by 12. he ended up sleeping on his belly n tho he still moved up the cot he was more settled.

i dont think hes eatin more, he just changing on to finger foods so its hard to tell. spose it could be teeth or growth like.

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
Just a thought, have you tried proping one end of the cot up on some books or something. So he has to wiggle uphill if you know what I mean

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
im gonna complain more often he was fine last nite was just me that didnt sleep waitin for him to twist LOL.

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
Oh it's hard isn't it? My son did exactly the same thing and then the phase just ended. You could try a Sleepytot Comforter which is a great little soft toy that you can attach some dummies to. At least that way you and your son would be able to find it more easily. Worked for me.

And remember that veery phase passes eventually. x

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
Mine had dummies on a short strap that could be clipped to the clothes so they could never throw it far, and it was too short to be any risk.

If putting a pillow under the sheet helped for somebody then perhaps you could put something under the mattress to raise the head end slightly to offer some added resistance.

As you had a good night last night perhaps it will continue.

posted 1 decade 2 weeks ago
Hi Mozi,

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the Sleepytot suggestion. Sam was always waking at night for his dummy and he's ten months now.

I bought a Sleepytot on Tuesday and received it on Wednesday. When Sam woke up last night, I went in and showed him how to find the dummy. Did it twice and then let him cry the third time for about 3 minutes. Went to bed last night and we both slept soundly all night. I can hardly believe it. I know it might have been a one off but he even slept better in his nap today. I've told all my friends. The girl at Sleepytot said they're selling amazingly well and I'm not surprised!

Thank you! You have given me sleep.

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