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morning sickness

posted 1 decade 4 months ago
Just a little something sort of worrying me a little but oh anyway....
I have only been sick physicaly once and that was the other day, since then i have only felt like i was going to be sick but never did, when i was pregnant with shay i was sick alot! i know no 2 pregnancies are not the same
Is this ok? A m going to try get an appt tues at the doctors anyway should i mention this?
(i have only just found out im pregnant for those that dont know)

posted 1 decade 4 months ago
Perfectly normal hon, great your feeling so much better this time Smile

I really hope that happens to me next time too


posted 1 decade 4 months ago
perfectly normal

i recommend lucozade and ginger nuts Clapping

posted 1 decade 4 months ago
Yep, sounds normal to me too hun. My pregnancies were completely different. My friend never had any pregnancy symptoms at all with hers. No sickness, sore boobs or anything. She was chuffed as she has a phobia of being sick! I'm sure all is normal so try not to worry. Thumbs Up
I hate to put a dampener on things but in my last pregnancy i wasn't sick until a bit later. Started around 8 weeks - sorry!. Sad

I can also recommend lemon water. helped me hun! Xx

posted 1 decade 4 months ago
Nothing to worry about hon.

I was physically sick a lot with Jas, to the point of needing time off work as I was so ill. Just make sure you take enough fluids in.

I found it was 'all day sickness' too with both Crying

With this little 'un, I started the sickness around 7-8 weeks and it lasted until about 18 weeks Scared I ate little bits all day - things like ginger biscuits, grapes, crackers, etc just to get rid of the sick feeling.

Hope you feel better soon Thumbs Up

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 4 months ago
ginger is good
and if you suffer all day sickness and nausea use the travel bands- they are great apparently

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