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New here!! Trying to concieve for a 6 months! Too much stres

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
- My blog
Hey peoples i am new here so not sure how all this works!! I made a blog with my info and a few questions so if anyone would like to help or feel they may be able to sugguest a few tips please feel free to check it out!! And send me a message! Ur help will be hugley appreciated!

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Hi we went through the same thing. Tried for 18 months and nothing, got stressed argued(alot). In the end we said sod it and spent the money we saved for the baby on a holiday, four weeks later we are pregnant.

Also with second we struggled and this time I went on Evening primrose oil and the husband iron(makes his swimmers stronger) pregnant in three months. Very happy

The time will come and trust me stressing just makes things worse. Best of luck, fingers crossed for you Very happy

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
- My blog
Thanks for reply to my post. Hopefully shouldnt have to wait much longer im desperate for a baby! Fingers crossed ay hun! ill inform u when the good news finally arrives! x

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Welcome to JP! I'm wishing you lots of luck for a speedy conceiving!! Kiss

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Hi there and welcome

I am Paula and live in Warwickshire with my hubby and gorgeous son Harrison

It took me a long time to get pregnant and was just picking up the injections to start the ivf when i found out i was pregnant. I am sure i got pregnant because i stopped stressing as i knew we were starting the treatment and then tried less. Its easy saying not to get stressed, but if you can try with maybe some nice holistic treatments which are fab anyway.

Reflexology is great for relaxing and helps get you pregnant anyway. Also accupuncture also can help.

I wish you all the luck, it will happen for you.


posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Welcome! I'm sorry you're struggling. I understand. Teeth One thing I know for sure is that the stress of arguing won't help. How do you stop focusing on it...that's what I'm not sure about either. Plan something big (like a holiday) to take your mind off it I guess. Are you using ovulation prediction kits? That's helped us know when to time the baby dance a little better.

We were about to start fertility treatments when low and behold I found out I was prego. Unfortunately, we lost the baby so here we are trying again. The entire family wants us to have a baby and asks on a regular basis (no pressure). We want one so bad. Hang in there! We're here with you until the little miracle presents itself! Kiss

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
- My blog
Hi thank you all for the replys its nice to know that people can relate to what i am going through. I have recently found out i have Polycystic ovaries and i was wondering if anyone on here has the same thing or anyone they know so i could get a bit of info?? If any of you know anything about it i would be ever so grateful to hear from you! Thank you all xx

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
Hi and welcome to JP you will find this site a great support network, i know i have!.
I agree with everyone else you need to try and relax more (easier said than doen i know). My GP recommended sex no more than twice a week and not to get hung up on ovulaton dates etc remember that its meant to be enjoyable! It worked for me!

Good Luck


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