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Can you name and describe your past relationships?

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Looking at all these photos (and even reading some old letters from old boyfriends, cuz I saved most of them) has got me thinking....

I've had some good and some bad, as follows (and it will get long!)

between elementary and junior there were varying little puppy loves, but going only with "significant" relationships....

age almost 15, Nathan: 18 years old, adorable, sweet, so into me and me into him, quick, intense summer love Love

age 15 for about 10 months, Kenny: My first sexual partner, he was supposedly not a virgin but looking back didn't seem to know what he was doing LOL... he was a nice boy, talked about marriage even that young, well, he was 18.... I started having an interest in another guy and broke up with him... he begged me back, threatened suicide, and then got on with his life and went on to be an airforce pilot, married and had a few kids.

age 15, almost 16 to age 17 1/2, Mitch: 19 years old, charming, intense, spoiling, placed me on a pedestal, became insanely possesive, jealous, verbally abusive, then physically abusive, through it all, still charming and loving when he was sorry, he got me pregnant and I had an miscarriage before I knew I was pregnant, he said horrible things and then crazy loving things about that, he had some kind of crazy hold over me, I guess it was fear? I finally broke free from that....

age 17, the summer out of high school, I got brutally raped (will leave details out, it was not by the guy mentioned above), ended up pregnant and had an abortion, I self healed from that, although it still has a little effect on some things in my life to this day (and more emotional effect in my past).... Obviously this was not a relationship but it was significant in my life.

age 18-19, Jay: 26 years old, eccentric, charming, funny, wealthy but not snobby, had a strange relationship with his sister, she was really possesive of him Cuckoo , he was more 1 year lusting than a boyfriend, he was imperfectly gorgeous, but ended up having a pretty blah personality after all.

age 19-21, CJ, oh sweet CJ, one of the only 3 loves of my life, we dated for 2 years, then committed to each other still but long distance for one year..... then friends for almost 10 years on and off with visits to see each other with benefits in between other relationships Naughty I love him still, he was most definately one of my soul mates and I've lost touch with him and still wonder how he is... we tend to track each other down every couple years and check in with each other, hopefully that will happen soon.

age 21-24, Alan: sweet person, really messed up in the head as it turned out, obsessive but not in a jealous way, more in an excessive way, drugs (crack, heroine) excersize, alcohol, sex, again, another charming one, needed me, constantly told me he needed me, he took full advantage of my nurturing and somewhat co-dependant type of person that I used to be, I stayed with him for so much longer than I should have because I felt sorry for him.

age 24-25, footloose and fancy free!! Had lots of fun and thank goodness never paid the price for any of my "irresponsible" fun, so far even up to now, disease free!!

age 25-27, Mark (the first one): 10 years older than me, very nice but kind of dry sense of humor, we worked together at a resturant and at first I had no interest in him what so ever... should have gone with my first instinct, but he wrecked into my car (long story LOL) thought he should take me to dinner after and then a 2 year relationship started, we broke up after that and then about a year later got back together... for another year, realized again, that we weren't meant to be together and ended things somewhat amicably.

age 29-32, footloose and fancy free again, moved to Florida for a few months then to Rhode Island.....

age 32-32, Scott (Aaralyn's dad): met him on line, match dot com Wink , seemed to have alot more personality than he apparantly did Confused Had intense sex and wooops, ended up with an Aaralyn bump Shocked he broke up with me the day I told him, he wanted me to have abortion, I said yea, what ever, go screw, as it turns out, he was not for me but she's the best thing in my life Love

age 34-35, Kevin: few years older than me, super great guy, we had a great friendship, not so great sex life, he was wonderful with Aaralyn from age almost 2 to almost 3, she adored him, he adored her, we ended our relationship mutually but are still friends and still stay in touch now.

age 35-36, spending all my free time just bein' a mom Love

age 37-38, Marc: nice guy, as it turns out not for me, most of ya'll know the history there so won't repeat it all....

Brings us to Mikey, my 3rd and hopefully last true love Love No one, I mean no one has ever made me feel the way I do, CJ and I had a deep love for each other and I thought no one could ever come close to making me feel like that again.... Mike has and really surpassed it because we don't have geographical obstacles between us, for Mike I moved long distance and accepted the change, as much as I loved CJ, neither of us would commit to move to one or the other to be close to each other, for what ever reason.... but with Mike, and the way I feel about him, I would have moved 1000's of miles (and may still some day Smile ) to have keep him in my life and the best thing is, he totally feels the same about me....

Lordy, I know when I re-read this I'm gonna be thinkin no way did any body end up getting through this whole post Wink

For some reason, I like sharing my life with you guys.... and I should be saving all this stuff for a book someday, seriously! Razz

Bless ya'll that got through this, now spill it and tell me about you're relationships, I tell it all, but I'm nosy too Razz

edited to add some tidbits along the way

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Awwwwwwww that was so sweet and so cool to read,i will get to mine soon but for now i have a little hungry baby boy to feed lol. Very happy

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Omg babe, I read through it all. A very big roller coaster, glad you found Mike now. Being young and reading this guess you go through alot of relationships till you find the one. Can't believe what you've been through and your still a strong character, loving and caring and a brill mum!!!!!

I might post mine later.....

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
That made interesting reading Tam

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Okay, so quite a colourful life in comparison to mine.

Came back from my first year (age 19) at University and worked locally to my parents whilst I sailed every evening. Then got asked to step into the breach for a sailing competition and take the helm of a boat for somebody who had been called away for work. So I went with his wife, his crew (my mate) and his ex-gf (a mate and somebody I had an on/off crush on for ages). Sleeping arrangements ended up with me sharing a bed with her, one thing lead to another. You get the picture! A short relationship of around 4 months followed, and then I called it off once back at University, in not the most subtle or nicest of ways. Met up with her again last year, but just as friends. All is forgiven.

Then while at Uni and working at a local large toy shop I (age 20/21) ended up having a one night stand with a married woman (age 33) who had been chasing me for ages.

In March 2008 on a friends birthday day out. Started in the pub watching the rugby at lunchtime and progressed into town to our local haunt of Jumpin Jaks. Drink, reasonable music and an insane belief that I could sort of dance would cause me to dance on chairs, tables and even occasionally the stage. Oh the good old days. Anyway on top of a table that night I met my wife to be. That went on until March last year when she decided without any warning that it was all over and broke my heart. Anyway enough about that as you've heard it all before.

Since then I have been footloose and fancy free. Had no real time to go looking for anything else, and as I have zero social life at the moment nobody is likely to come along any time soon. Its at times like these that you realise that you have lived somewhere for nearly 6 years and don't know a single person to go and have a drink with. How bad is that!!!

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 5 years ago

I had an/off thing when I was 18 and in halls of residence at Uni for about 6mths(with a midget- im sorry but at 5ft11 and him 5 ft 5 he was) He was nice enough but it was just one of those things that was never going to go anywhere

then when I was 20 I started seeing a really nice sweet guy from Glasgow (I was in Dundee) He was lovely but I was at Uni and worked P/Time and he was a chef who worked unpredictable hours so trying to see each other was a nightare. We lasted only a few mths.

Then when I was 22 I met him again and it could have developed again but I wasnt prepared to try because of the hassle we had had before and then I met the 'sperm donar'

He was the love of my life, kind, gentle, would do anything for me very protective, just a nice guy (used to walk to be waiting for me at the car park after work so I didnt have to go home in the dark myself). He was just the best. I would have married him but then I discovered his real, not very nice side and was on the wrong side of it more than once. Found out I was pregnant and think thats what pushed me to leave.

Since then I have been single (it took me a long time to get over the sperm donar but I think I am stronger for it) Smile

Now I would like to meet the man of my dreams who would treat me like his princess Love

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Just want to add it has taken nealry 5 years before I would talk about this people, it was something I was ashamed off and ofteen thought it was my fault even though I knew it wasnt.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
well lol bare in mind i am only 24 almost 25 think this is gonna look really bad on me

first love
chased all throu school started seein each other may 2000- feb 2002- matt baxter
as i said high school love. was vey nice to start with but i went to college and so did he different ones. i was wanting to go out enjoy the college student life where as he wanted to play football with mates i didnt really like.
wasnt a very nice break up and he still hates me for breakin away.

march 2002- -aug 2002
andy, was 32 a pub lanlord and i was an 18 ye old girl at college but lovin the fact i coyld do as i plz and still have him to go to. really thought i loved him but he kinda really hurt me. but we still spk now occasionally. infact the girl he broke up with me for he has just split from

then i had a few boyfriedns nothin special

then may 2003- nov 2003. paul (grrr)
irish squaddie who i fell madly in love with ( or thought) married the idiot moved to scotland with him, was really really very nasty and ened up pregnant with my eldest. was a wierd break up as i walked away but he was cheatin on me so really was just we both went our seperate ways. he saw paul ( my eldest) for 4 days regiitered him with his name and then left again, kinda a leavin pressie i suppose sick hey!

march 2004- present
allan. wow he is my hero, he saved me from paul as was so close so many time to goin back. hes an amzing father to all my boys and knew from the start that if he wanted to be with me i had a little man that came with me.
amazing man!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
okay umm lets c

had the usual stupid high school relationships so i wont bore the details of that

when i was 18 i met a guy called marc we were together about 6 months maybe we broke up remained friends i went to his 18th and we are still in touch now and he is actually my fb (well not anymore now i have a BF)

met a guy inbetween him and the next one who turned out to be married with kids.. he still after me now 5/6 years on

went out with a guy called colin we lasted a few months he was too clingy and possessive (he proposed to me on the first day of us going out cos it was my 19th bday)

had a few couple of week things

i got introduced to a guy called martin in this time my mate introduced us and we fell for each other big style but cos im so stupid i messed it up and hurt him bad cos i was scared about something might have actually gone somewhere kinda regret it now still email each other occasionally and i wonder what might have happened alot if i hadnt messed up and got scared

tim we went out for a few months in the summer of 2004 broke up in november after a fight we had and he grabbed me and pulled me back and pulled me to hard lost grip and i went flying across the room and smacked my leg into a solid pine bed frame didnt want to risk it even though it was an accident

stephen dec04-feb05 my geordie guy Smile great guy i was his first Naughty broke up with him cos i met izzys dad

mark feb05-some time in 2007 got engaged really quick and moved in together within 3 months of being together fell pregnant aug/sept m/c in sept/oct 2005 we started to have cracks then in our relationship found i was pg with izzy at xmas 2005 had izzy relationship was volitile, i think he was cheating used to fight all the time he lied and stole from me eventually left him in jan 2007 and we tried again in march 2007 and he dumped me in august 2007 saying i was a b*tch and nothing like the girl he fell in love with

went out with a couple of guys in between now and my current guy neither really worked and had my fb aswell during the earlier part of the year

going out with my gentle giant now over a month and he treats me so well and adores izzy but i do still wonder about what may have been with martin (see above) and my mate who introduced us told me to forget him and move on and im never going to move on with the belief that if it was meant to be people will find each other again

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hmm not too sure it's really worth going through them lol

OK so 14 at school was Ryan he was 12 and my first kiss lol. Was a big step for me because that kind of contact was huge to me (won't go into reasons). It lasted about 6 weeks lol.

Meanwhile, madly bossotted with Andy, although he never had any idea. Lovely lad Smile We used be friends when we went caravanning with our parents at the weekends.

17 went for a drink with a guy called Matty after a snog at a house party, thats about all it lasted lol.

17 Mart Love met through his brother. me and a friend went to see his brother Nic after he got thrown out and was living at his Dads, all went round to watch a film and mart was there too. Got on like a house on fire, few days later he sent me a txt asking if I'd like to go to the cinema with him. Lasted 3 months lol.

17 (OMG I did alot at 17 haha), Andy (not the one from earlier) he was 15, made it clear I didn't want anything more than companionship he was 15 so no hows your father. He still kept trying. Then he told me he loved me after 3 weeks and wanted to sleep with me. I cry on marts shoulder, tell him I still want him and don't know why I'm with Andy, off went a stupid cow, who overheard, and told Andy. (Nothing bad happened between me and Mart). He gets insanely jealous and catch him checking my phone, think i've treated him badly enough so tell him its over with. first, a one night stand...not going to say who it is as Mart can't find out who it was Sad Face (Still have a few secrets, how bad's that!). mart had told me that (really nicely bless him), that although he was fond of me, it wasn't going to happen, I was gutted of course, thought sod it the next person that comes along will do. (Teenage angst eh?) We were both really drunk but very up for it. Unfortunately as we were both good friends before, the friendship ended after then Sad Face

17 (still?) Mart decides that he does want to be with me after all. (Although I do find out a little earlier from the above person). I get with mart at a friends birthday, worried though he's on the rebound from a gorgeous girl, that rebuffed him (he didn't know i knew about), so 3 weeks in and i go and kiss someone else drunkenly. Sad Face Crying
I desperately apologise and begged him not to end it as I realise that i love him. He forgives me (why, i don't know), and we have never looked back. So after a very rocky start, here we are, still together 7 years later and married for 5 in September..Phew!!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
- My blog
Well mine is quick and easy there was Scott wen i was 16/17 he was my first we were together a few months, but he ended it sayin he wanted more family time (later admitted he was scared things were going to fast)
then there was few flings in between til i met rich wen i was 17 fell pregnant with crystal, broke up with rich b4 finding out, then we got bk together after crystal was born and have now been together 2 years on friday just gone

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
There has only been one love in my life and I married him almost 2 years ago.

1988 - Met (now ex) husband. Thought it was love, got engaged and in 1991 we got married. Never loved him and felt forced into marrying him by him, family and friends. Should have litened to my dad and just not bothered turning up!

2001 - decided I'd finally had enough and told him I wanted a divorce. Had met a guy onine and travelled to meet him and he came to visit me. Lasted 6months but it was great fun and I loved every second of it.

2001 - 2003 Dated a few guys, nothing special. Enjoyed being single and being able to do all the things I'd missed out on by getting married far too early and to the wrong guy.

2003 - Saw Ronnies profile on a friendship (NO it wasn't a dating) site and sent him a message saying I tohught he had a cheeky smile. He sent me a message back, managed toget my home number out of me and rang me that night. We chatted for hours and again the following night. Met him on the 3rd night and he moved in the following week!

2004 - George was born

2006 - Got married on my birthday to the love of my life, my soulmate and best friend, Ronnie.

That's about it really lol Two long term relationships and only one of them was love!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
- My blog
mines going to be really short lolol

1993 - aged 18. fell for my ex husband. he was pen friends with a friend. he was 26 and wooed me. i was so naive and fell for it. married in '94 and moved out to the US (where hes from) and found out what a Angry he really was. he was abusive and i ran away in August '96 with Jami who was 4 months old

1996-2001 was happy being a single mum

2001 - aged 26. met james in a chatroom. i knew from the start he was the one. moved in with him in June 2002 and still here lol

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
1993 started dating a guy my brother new (and didnt want me to date)"Rick"he was great but i was 14 so it didnt last to long but it was fun.
late 1993-94 i met my "first" love/lust Michael he was awsome and taught me so much about life/sex and how a girl/woman should be treated he will always have a special place in my heart (as a friend).
1995 i met my now ex-husband he was in a band indy grunge and i fell quite hard and fast,we got married when i was the ripe old age of 18 (much to my parents dissapointment)and he turned out to be a nasty piece of work (dr jekyl and mr hyde)the most loving caring man in front of my family and friends but the most nasty cold person i have ever come across in my life.After finding out that my "husband"had been seeing his x the night before our wedding and the day we got home from our honeymoon.He then admitted he had a "girlfriend" the whole 4 years we were married (it was someone i knew).I gave up trying to save a marraige that was doomed from the start.He totaly mentally messed me up for a while but i got through it a much better stronger person.I got divorced in early 2000.
mid 2000 i met Justin my soul mate and best friend (sometimes lol)he had been through something similar so we were both in the same boat and had major trust issues with the opposite sex but some how we over came them and we have now been together 8 years and still going strong he really shows me how life should be lived and what "fun" is i truly believe we were made for each other Love

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Jason-14 1st kiss yuk

Craig-lots of kisses, but dopey

Chris- 15 second kiss not bad, but stalked me

Owen- 15 went out for months, great friends and lots of kisses

Simon-16-17.5 first love and lost virginity. He broke my heart as went behind my back. But still to this day says he says stalks me if he see's me out which is not often now.

Owen again- 17.5-18. Just having fun, but too serious i wanted fun

Chris again too- 18, again i just wanted fun

Donald-18-25ish on off for 7 years, broke my heart big time. He tried to control me and had a slight drink problem so hence got nasty when he did. Was paranoid and always thought i was up to something(which unfortunately i wished looking back on it i wished i had of as i was being blamed so much)Took me years to break away. Had several boyfreinds in mini breakups.

Phil(a different Phil) and Micheal. 2 months or so but too serious and rebound from Donald

Phil(My husband met him when i was 20, but even though i adored him i was not over Donald and kept getting back with him, but never forgot about phil either(how screwed up was i??)

Phil 24-25, we finished as i was scared of comittment and not sure of my feelings Confused But i loved him so much.

Stuart 25.5 till 26.5, too nice to me, strange but true

Johny.26.5-27.5 He was fab, off his head, crazy and alive but i think suffered with being depressed and often dumped me and then changed his mind, but it was too late as i had then got back with the love of my life Phil

Phil 27.5 till almost 33 next week yuk. Married to Phil, we finally made it after 3 attempts. I always had a feeling i would end up with him even when we finished for 2 years. I can never imagine my life without him i love him so much Very happy

Thats me folks

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Stephen - 8 lots of kisses
Paul - 13 Lots of kissing
Andrew (cant remember his name) 14 he turned gay!!!
Philip - 15 was hot!!! lots of snogging might have given him my cherry but i saved it for Chris but a bit of a drinker and my dad didnt perticularly like him
Gerry 16 9 months (complete pig) dad hated him he spent all my money and never paid me back
Ian 16 2 months (just a pig)
Chris married 21 years met when i was 17 nearly 18
married at 21 2 kids still married!!!!!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Wow, thanks for sharing all your relationship stories!! This has been some really interesting reading and I'm glad you all felt comfortable sharing personal stuff like that!!

I guess for some of us we've had to kiss a few more toads than others to find our Princes, for those who haven't yet, they're out there, don't worry Love

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 5 years ago

hapydazy said:

I guess for some of us we've had to kiss a few more toads than others to find our Princes, for those who haven't yet, they're out there, don't worry Love

I hope so Love and that he takes a hint soon Love (I got it bad girl)

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Tam i kissed loads of toads, too many to mention these were just the ones i could remember, i mean that when i was a teenager, boyfriends were 10 a penny!!!!

My dad didnt particularly like any of them till i met chris, i guessed he liked him!!!!

Heck i even turned 1 gay! Upset

posted 1 decade 5 years ago

Lucy said:

Heck i even turned 1 gay! Upset

Actually Andy (the one between Mart) lol, turned gay for a while after i finished with him...everyone blamed me for it too Embarassed Confused

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