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Why do I feel like this?

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I'm not pregnant, not changed my diet or life style, not changed medication or anything else just the same old me but on and off I've been feeling sick for the past week or two and getting light-headed ALOT. At first I thought it might be the heat so tried to sit in cool places and drink pleanty so as not to de-hydrate but still feeling like it. Any ideas what it could be? I also have very sensitive gums? if that means anything (probably not)! Suspect

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Kiss have u been docs? ive been sleepy from 1 ish till 5 ish in afternoon not as if i have sleepless nights wot wrong with me? iron and bloods ok Suspect

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
could be an ear infection! could be low blood pressure could be an iron deficicny.

Sounds more likely to be an ear infection if you are feeling woosy and sick, you could have labrinthitus!

its an inner ear infection go to the drs and get checked out!

let us know how you go

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I can sometimes feel a bit like this, and i've got low blood pressure.

about 3 days before my period comes I suffer with stars and really bad dizziness and then feel really pukey, ans sometimes do actually puke the day before, apparently related to low blood pressure Suspect

Go to the docs, just to be checked out x

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
You may be right about the blood pressure thing. My Dad gets low blood pressure and I have had it in the past but more recently when I've been checked it's been ok. I'm due to go soon anyway so I'll mention it then

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
What about where you work?

The water supply, the air conditioning etc. Are any of your co-workers experiencing similar symptoms?

It may be worth asking around.

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