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posted 1 decade 7 months ago
I have had a very sore throat but it is easing of (warm water and salt gargle)but now i feel my chest is getting sore and im coughing i dont want to take anything but if i have to have a c-section would they still do it coz im a bit sick???I have been steaming my self in the shower as well so hopefully this should help????

posted 1 decade 7 months ago
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awwwwwwwww hun. i dont think having a cold/cough would matter with a c section. if yr worried ask yr midwife.

im full of cold today and would rather be in bed LOL

hapydazyhapydazy Moderator
posted 1 decade 7 months ago
I hope you're feelin better hun.... I'm not sure about the c-section while being ill but I don't think it should matter unless it's pnemonia or something drastic like that (let's hope you don't have that!!!)

Feel better babe Hug Hug Hug

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