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young mums!!!!!!!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I thought this should be said as to the fact that some people in this world have a theory that young mums are a waste of space i am here to say not all of them.

I got pregnant at 18yrs old after being with my partner for a year and a half. Then 6mnths after the birth of my daughter Alisa i got married to my OH. Then almost one and a half years later i gave birth to my daughter's Meleah and Teleah at just 20yrs old. Unfortunatley 1 of my girls passed away but we are a really happy family.

I think part of the problem is that in schools they are generally not taught about contraception until they are 16yrs old and generally by that age it is to late. Peer preasure also doesn't help as many people feel preasured as there friends are doing it. It is getting worse though as when i was at school over 4 years ago there was only 1 girl pregnant at my school my sister at the same school now has 6 girls pregnant the youngest being only 13yrs old. God only knows how they will cope i find it hard now with the help from my hubby, mum, dad and sis how do the girls at such a young age cope.

All i say is there is a some very responsible young mums out there that would do anything for there children some are even single parents and they need the recognition even though in some peoples eyes maybe they shouldnt be in that place to start with..

I just get annoyed when very young mums who dont want kids palm them of on there parents They Shouldn't Have Opened There Legs In The First Place

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
itotally agree even though i wasntas young (20) when had first i had comments made oh she only did it to get a council house.and to sit on social well first i didnt get my first house till my oldest two were 31/2 and 1 1/2 and i wrkd from my eledest being 6mth old so yes i did claim social for about 8 mth .on the other hand i have afriend who palns her son on her mum every other day and as no intention of wrkin Angry and it does pixx me off sorry

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I started working when my eldest was 6mnths and stopped working 1 mnth before i gave birth to my twins. I am not planning on going back to work for at least another year but i am lucky enough to have a husband who can support us all.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
thats me for minute as i missed out on my eldest three cos i wrkd evenings but i will go bk to wrk once he is 1yr or 2yrs maybe go college Smile

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Some of you have heard this story before:

One of my best friends Kristen (the one I'm staying with, also inactive member of JP LOL) got pregnant when she was 15, had Celia when she was 17... Celia's dad and Kristen broke up (he was 15 when Celia was born) and then when he was 18 he got another girl pregnant and they got married. Several years later they got separated and he and Kristen started dating again... 1 year later they got married Love , then they got pregnant with Maddy who will be 2 in September, Celia is 11 and Isabelle is 9 (his daughter in between). Kristen and he have custody of Isabelle (but her mom still sees her alot).

Kristen and Jason were very young parents but are 2 of the best parents I know (and I know alot of good parents, young and old) I love the fact that they grew apart but then ended up together again and now are working towards buying a house, she's now 28 and Jason is 27.... they are very responsible, however it did take Jason a little longer to grow up and become that responsible dad but he is great!!

So, just to confirm that there are good and bad parents of all ages. It's hard work no matter what age but you just have to know when you have a child that your whole life must be focused on him or her and you have to be the best you can be. I can imagine how hard it is for a kid to have a kid, so I commend all the young parents out there that step up to the plate and be a good parent to their child Very happy

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hey I'm 19, 20 in 13 days Shocked hehe. I got a daughter who is 3. I got pregnant a month before my 16th birthday, things weren't perfect with her dad and he failed to find a job and we broke up when Caitlin was 6 months old. I did 3 years of college, completed a BTEC in Animal Management which I hope to get a Animal care job soon or when Cait starts school. I currently work in Sainsburys only 20.5 hours but don't love it but it pays the bills and gets you away in and socalising with adults aswell and I get time with Cait aswell Smile. It is hard being young and single, but I love her to bits and its worth it.

Anyone can be a parent any age, a 40 year old might not cope, why do people only assume its teens? Really annoyes me that does!Also if the human body was soo brilliant wouldn't our body evolve so we didn't have kids so young if we weren't meant to?? Why start out periods at 12/13? Not saying that is a good age to have a kid but our bodies are ready for them that young and only PEOPLE say we got to have kids at such and such age.....Just bugs me alot.

Hehe sorry to rant at the end, most you know what I'm like Halo

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
i got pregnant when i was 18 had casey 3days after my 19th bday and had hayden when i was 21. my oh is 7yrs older than me n he already has a child. weve now been together 51/2 years.

my friend had her 1st when she was 20, baby was 9weeks early so had to stay in for a while, she stayed with him. one day her mam heard the nurses sayin 'oh shes only 16 or something prop just wants a house'. to which her mam told them 'if you look at her dob shes 20, i know because i gave birth to her!.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I was 20 when I had Charlotte but I've had the eyebrows raised at me.

I agree that it doesn't matter about age, its maturity more than anything. We had to take Charlotte to a drop in clinic really late at night a few yrs ago because she had got gastroenteritis and the dr wanted to check she wasn't dehydrating, anyway, there was a really young couple there, I mean they couldnt be older than 14/15 and they had a little girl and they were brilliant with her. She was obviously ill and upset but they were really good with her and comforted her when she cried, and really patient while they waited to be called, not like some other parents that were supposidly more mature because they were older - sat there talking loudly on their mobiles and moaning that they dr was taking too long!

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