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Pregnant or paranoid?

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Hi, its my first time on here as I had a weird night last night and having looked into it am wondering if I could be pregnant! Everytime I laid on my front I was awoken by this strange feeling/pain going from my belly button down to my lower abdomen. I have heard pregnant people talk of this and so looked it up on some websites. I could just be talking myself into the other symptoms but when I thought about it I could actually be 8 weeks pregnant. It's not planned and I am on the pill. I had an abnormal smear in December and had a colposcopy and biopsy done last month so I have not been able to have sex with my partner, because of this I also had to link two packs of my pill. Usually when I do this my period does not hold off til the end of the second and comes a little early but this month it did... my period was heavy as usual but far shorter and I had been warned at my colposcopy that my next period could be heavier! Is it possible to get these funny belly button feelings at 8 weeks or am I just being paranoid?!? Please help!

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Honestly, I don't know the answer.

A pregnancy test will tho...

Is best to be sure.

Let us know how you get on x

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
- My blog
Have you tested yet?
Please keep us updated.
I hope you get the answers you are hoping for. Kiss

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
hiya you should do a pregnacy test thats the best way to find out and gl let us know take care xx

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