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just wen i get happy..he starts again

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
im so upset right now..just when im happy he starts on me again..he found out i went out on my birthday and was texting and ringing me saying if ive brought a bloke home hes gonna kick ma head in..(nowt new) i was tellin him i wudnt do that coz i dont want nuva relationship..he was like yeah well sum1 saw u.they never he just said that..and that he dont want any1 playing daddy to jessica..hes also ment to pay maintainence(sp) but now decided he dont want struggling with money at the min..only got enough to buy her milk and i aint been eating..i was getting my bathroom done yeaterday and was having a laf with the workman wen he came walking in..calling me a slag and it didnt take me long to flirt with others..this made the workman angry and they started on each other..jessie was crying so i tuck her in nuva room..with that he said watch ya back to me..just so hurting right now coz i just wanna be happy..and not live in fear all the gonna ring my local housing office monday and see if i can have ma locks changed and my neighbour does alarms so he gonna change my code..he also has cameras and as tilted them myway so i feel abit more safe..4yrs of love i gave him and i get this bk..sorry 4 going on

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Kiss hun it must be so hard for you both to try and move on Sad Face

Maybe it's worth trying to get an injuction on him hun. I know it sounds a little over the top but what he is doing is wrong and downright sick! If he's threatening to do things like kick your head in its a police matter. Have you saved the texts? you can use them to prove what he is doing? Also is there like a womens aid or support group for domestic violence around you? They maybe able to help you and give you some good advice?

It must have taken a lot of strength to kick him out, and all he's trying to do is wear you down and keep control of you Tounge Out

I hope you can get your locks changed hun and its good you have some good neighbours watching out for you x

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
hun have u looked into trying to get a restraining order out against him and going to a solicitor (ask your local cab they will be able to advise you on solicitors)

im also having problems with my daughters dad on maintenance aswell which is another reason why im getting legal advice cos i know someone and he doesnt see his kids but still pays for them and i think they have to regardless of whether he sees them or not.

ive also having problems with my daughters dad and the other day he threatened to brick my windows.. my daughters bed is underneath her bedroom window as there nowhere else to put it so if he does brick her window he will shower his daughter in broken glass.. i also know if he does anything bad towards me like that then my friends will get them selves involved as they are very protective of me when it comes to him after all that he done.

the other suggestion is to get onto your local council and see if they will move you (a bit drastic i know) though the restaining order will stop him from coming near you if you can get one and if he does come near you he can go to prison.. that will sort him out they dont like women beaters in prison.

if you need to chat though feel free to msg me anytime as i been through similair with my daughters dad.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
i only just moved in..just b4 xmas..the kid at the housing office is friends with me so ill ask him bout my locks..yep it was very hard asking him 2 leave but it was worth it..think im gonna get appointment with solisiter and see what he thinks..thanx 4 all ur replys

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I would definately bring this up to the police if he's threatening you like that!!

I wish I could give you better advise hun, I was in an abusive situation a long time ago but had no children with him so it was easier to walk away.

Keep being strong sweety!! Kiss you and Jessica-rose will get through this... seek all the council and help you can get for you guys right now hun!

Kiss Kiss Kiss

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
There is no need for his behaviour what-so-ever but I think alot of people can get like that when their relationship ends unfortunately. It's like he wants some kind of ownership of you and he will say all these things to try and make sure you don't move on. The biggest kick he will get is if he sees you hurting, but if you are strong to his face (even if you cry 2 minutes after he leaves) he wont know he's hurting you. Although it may be a way off yet at some point he'll have to move on and let you live your life. Good luck lovey xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I had exacly the same problem with my ex i went to the police with all my proof and made a statment the next day he was in custody and had a injunction against him he couldnt even drive down my road and if he did and i called the police they would but him in the cells.
2wk later he was in court with a proper injunction which ment if he broke it he would go straight to prison.

Regarding the maintenance go to the job centre and speak to them they may also be able to help you with money troubles...

Good luck

Lihra Kiss

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
can u not go to csa for ur maintenence? i know they can be a lil useless to start with but when they start he cant stop the payments.

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