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DD always misbehaves at MILS

sugarsugar Moderator
posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Its really getting to me now!
Especially as im heavily pregnant and tired all the time.
We go to MILs every friday to spend the day and go for breakfast - everytime we are there DD gets spoilt and really acts up - whereas whenever we are anywhere else she behaves and does as shes asked. I know this is because she knows MIL will let ehr do whatever she wants - but MIL knows how we are with dicipline - we did used to live with them for 3.5yrs!
I understand she wants to be a grandparents and i dont mind DD being spoilt a little while she is there but when we get home it carries on and i cant cope!
MIL cuddles DD when she cries if she cant get her own way and im fed up with being the big bad mummy and stopping DD from doing it! DF doesnt say anything and just says let it go but i cant as im the oen that has to deal with dds behaviour when we get home!
Sorry i know theres probably not much u can say but just needed to vent!
DF does try and dicipline DD infront of his mum & dad but they just tell him not to be soooo nasty Sad Face
I tell my mum & dad if there are any problems so i see it as me and DF agree on the way DD is diciplined he should be dealing with his parents! i cant cope with stressing out over everyone!
sounds silly i know but DD is always well behaved (well as well as u can expect an almost 4 yr old to be) and when we are at my mums she eats well as my mum doesnt stuff ehr with sweets and choc she gets them as a treat after meals and she always does as shes told - im wondering if this is coz DF isnt there when we go to my mums?

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
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i know how you feel hun!

i lived with the inlaws for a year and it was awfull!!

now that me and the kids dad have split up he has moved back home and the kids go there every friday! and on thje saturday when the come back they are hatefull! elise wants molly coddling, and has to have everything if i say no its "well nana let me have it!"

im sick of it! ive told there dad but he is as much use as a chocolat ratiator! lol

dont know what to sugest really cuz im in the same situation!

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