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British Gas!GRRRRRRR

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
OMG what a crap company!I went into arrears with them last year and asked for a payment meter to be put in. No one turned up to put it in for me, so I left it. Got a letter through the other day saying I need to pay £425.08 by 5 Jun or a warrant for the property etc and would have to pay them fees for coming out. I said that they were supposed to come out and fix one they said nothing they can do if I don't pay the full amount a payment meter will be put in but I would have to pay £200 fees up top!

So I've paid off half this month and paying the other half off next month and hopefully switching!!!!!!GRRR they say they are a good company lot of Angry

RichRich Moderator
posted 1 decade 5 years ago
British Gas are not the easiest to deal with, I asked about a meter but was told that you pay more to have a meter than you do to pay a quarterly bill. They don't listen to customer problems either, but as long as you pay them something, they don't stand much chance in court. Most company's are like this now, not just British Ass.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
we were with british gas - had problem after problem and were £60 in credit and to this day never got it back! we switched to npower who r just as bad! we were on a prepayment meter but as well as putting £10 on each of the gas and electric every week we were still gettin monthly bills!! apparantly the keys hadnt regisatered as npower so we were giving our money to BG!! we then asked npower to changed the meters so we went onto bill paying,they did this for free but charged us on our next bill!! so we foned em,kicked off and they claimed the money we owed off BG so we never payed em! we are now with atlantic and theyre the best on the market,our monthly bills are now £28 for the electric and the same for the gas

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hate BG hate them so much it makes me scream.

I got so behind with them I owe them £200 for the electric and £60 for the gas (even though they owed me before the last quarterly bill) they are extremley expensive and I can't change because I can't pay off my bill. I've got to pay £86 a month for my leccy and £52 a month for my gas its Angry rediculous, I can't afford it but I want to get it paid and switch from them.

My friend moved in 2006 and was in credit when she moved, as she had split up with her BF she was moving back to her parents so wnted the money paid back, it took a whole year to get it back, blood scandalous

We were with altantic electric at our first ever house and never had a problem and were on meter for the gas but that ate the money, I think it was about £30 a month for that (bearing in mind this is like 7 years ago), surprise surprise that was BG Wink

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