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Broadband who to change to

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
Arggh! I'm the exact same position. We ar ewith BT until 15th Dec and pay £59 for Wireless roadband, line rental and anytime call package. FIFTY EIGHT POUNDS! Lol!
Needless to say we are looking to switch over. We can renew with BT in October and will see what they offer us package wise because they have been fab customer service-wise and have had 1 problem in 9 years on the internet which was quickly sorted. My husband is a gamer too and the speed is good for him but to be honest we arent willing to pay that!

We looked at ky and were told we could get Sky TV, Phone, landline and BBand for £50 a month (love to know how people are getting it for £26 sob), and Tiscali offered us wireless BBand and line rental and calls ay £28 - saving us £30 a month basically.

We just arent sure what to do either as there are so many mixed reviews! Shocked

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
We've just upgraded our virgin package, we've got XL tv, 10meg broadband (last time we checked we were getting about 9.1) and phone with free weekends for £43 a month. So far so good, although we have had a few problems with the on demand having a giddy fit, but never had a problem with the bb.

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