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There's a lotta super hero action going on here....

hapydazyhapydazy Moderator
posted 1 decade 8 months ago
Aaralyn's friend Azure is here for a sleep over tonight (his mommy, my friend Ren is having a night out Thumbs Up ) I just went in to check on those 2 and they are super heros with amazing powers.... I first started out as the supermom but got turned into ice, hot lava, fire and then was released to my original form, my super hero mom powers didn't work against any of those elements..... I could be in big trouble tonight Upset

is it bed time yet Whistling

posted 1 decade 8 months ago
How cute,Vic is always spiderman and i always have to be venom or Dr oc PMSL. Blink
Hopefully they will tire themselves out soon just make sure they dont turn ya crazy Crazy .xxx

posted 1 decade 8 months ago
Aw thats cute Love

Charlotte is into to princesses like mad at the moment. She loves Belle and Ariel they are her favourites.

We've not had superheros yet, but I'm sure it won't be long hehe.

Hope they went to sleep ok x

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