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posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Hi all

Just some advice and ideas needed please.

My boys are now one year old and for about 3 weeks now Zach's been waking up at about 4.30ish and both have been quite unsettled during the night Sad Face They don't take long to get back off but it's just the broken sleep Sad Face

They are warm enough they have a fleece blanket on and a knitted blanket on top and the heating is on low all night. If they get too warm they kick off their own blankets anyways.

Anyways, suppertime. I'm thinking because they are now more mobile they're now needing more calories. I'm increasing their portions during the day and was thinking of introducing a supper of weetabix after their bathtime and just before their milk and bed.

Just wondering if it's ok to feed them food just before bed or is it best puttin rusks into their milk instead to make it a bit more filling???? I know HV say no to rusks in milk because of chokeing etc, but they're now one year old and i make the rusks into breadcrumbs with a blender attachment so there's no risk of lumps and we'd open up the teat a bit more so they're not sucking too hard for it lol.

What do you do at supper time???

Many thanks

Liz (sorry if it's long)

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
its entirely up to yourself really i never gave either of mine rusks in the bottle although i did give them half a rusk mixed with milk before there bed time bottle to fill them up a bit and help them sleep through without getting hungary from about 9 months.when they got to about a year i swapped this for weetabix mixed with cows milk as it was more filling for them

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
I never liked the idea of rusks in a bottle either i`m afraid. My opinion is that they are old enough to be getting weetabix with milk and a bottle as a top up for supper.

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