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behavioural problems

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
hello, this is the first time I´ve ever been on a forum so bear with me.A usually well-behaved bordering on shy daughter turned into monster has caused me to take action.My daughter (4 years old) has suddenly become really aggressive with me and her little sister and calls us names, wha really worries me is that she sometimes hits herself too!!We are living in Spain so she attends a spanish public school which I hate for various reasons .The spanish teaching system resembles something out of the 50´s,look and memorize,little time for play and self- expression,art doesn´t exist.My child is obedient at school and always does what she´s told but her teacher is strict and shouts alot.It seems to me that after being on tenter hooks all day and obeying she gets home and just explodes and I have consulted the child psychologist in the past about this.However this time is alot worse and today I asked to make an appointment with the psychologist that she is on long term sick and that she hasn´t been replaced yet.Please can anyone help?,changing schools isn´t an option which really upsets me.My child seems to be suffering and I don´t know how to help her.

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 6 years ago
That is hard. Not being familiar with the Spanish system and way of teaching I dont know how you should approach it.

If it was here I would have said go and speak to the her teacher/school head (you could still do that I guess) and ask what she is REALLY like at school, is there any sign of this behaviour or 'odd' behaviour at school? Also has anything new happened that may have upset her or caused stress.

I think at home you may have to be tougher, give sanctions and rewards (Im a huge fan of 1 warning and then the naughty step) or have a sticker chart (kids love that) break it into 20 or 30minute slots and after that time if she has behaved she gets a sticker if not a sad face, agree if she only gets 2 sad faces she can have something special (maybe 10minutes of her favourite programme) if she gets all stickers and no sad faces maybe a slightly better reward and if she has a GREAT week, do something bowling, park etc or get her something (a special comic worked for me when I had issues with my 4 yr old not eating and we had a sticker chart)

I hope I have helped

I also hope things get better soon.

And welcome to JP

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