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Baby blues

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
One of my friends at work has just found out she’s pregnant, which is bloody fantastic news and I’m sooo pleased for her… she really deserves it as she is such a lovely person.

The thing is, I have been feeling broody for the last 8 months, and seeing several friends get pregnant has only intensified my feelings majorly… I KNOW that this sounds really really petty and jealous, but I can’t help wishing it was me. I have been going out with my boyf for over 3 years now and I know he wants to settle down and have a family/get married etc but I’m not entirely sure that he’s the one. Our relationship is very comfortable and we get on well/love/care for each other loads and I know that he would make a very loving, caring husband. I would be really really scared though if I decided to do something (like start a family) and then it all went wrong, what would happen after.

My mum said “wait until next year and then I will be retired and you can have a child minder’ and ‘make sure it’s the right man’ and I KNOW she is right. The thing is, others think that I only want things because other people have them (which is partly true), but I am certainly not naïve enough to see a baby as ‘something to have because everyone else has it’ and it is something I have been wanting for the past 8 months, so it’s not something I’ve just thought about in the last couple of days. I do know that my circumstances aren’t quite right and that I should be living with someone etc and have more patience etc but I’m so broody that it’s making me miserable. I don’t want to be a misery guts towards my friend as I love and care for her very much and am really pleased she is pregnant; I just wish my circumstances were different, that’s all. I also know my boyf (who’s 38 and I’m nearly 27) wants to know where our relationship is going and would want me to give him a positive answer in the next few months.

I’m really confused! Sorry for the long rambling post, and for sounding so jealous/selfish. I just need some advice, that’s all please!!!


posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Last edited by catgirl_872 1 decade 6 years ago
dont be silly this is what ppl do on this site,
let out there feelings.
its a good site for that u will love it.
about ur problem if ur ready to have a baby go for it got nothin to lose but if ur not and ur BF is rushin u to decide on what path u wanna lead then dont, decide in ur own time Smile xxx

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
You seem very sensible and like you have thought about everything in great depth. You are at a good age to settle and have children and seem to have a great boyfriend. So it really is the question of how you feel about him and how will it be having him as part of your life for the rest of your life?
Having children is a huge step but if you have two loving parents what more could a baby ask for?
Good luck

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