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Joseph's dream

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Joseph told me and mum he had a great dream last night

I took him up a hill and from the top we could see Portsoy(were we live) and Aberdeen (there is almost 60miles between here and there). We were looking for his auntie (she stays in Aberdeen) and Granny but we couldn't see them because they had gone to bed. But it was great fun at the top!!! He woke up so didnt dream about how we got back down so he will do that tonight!! smile smile smile

And apparently I had the same dream as I was there!

whats the meaning behind this dream? (I think it means he wishes he was closer to my sister and his cousins!)

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Aw hun, he did wake up in a good mood though and not upset that he was away from his aunty and grandma.

Bless him that he wants to dream coming down the hill tonight lol Smile

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