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anything from birth

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
does your little one have anything special that theyve had since birth? cara has a soft shawl that my MIL made her and has slept with it since her first night

caitlin has a little penguin teddy that was her first gift its been in her crib,cot and bed ever since

neither of them will sleep without these

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Cem has a blue mouse that we got when he was 4 days old. He was in intensive care as he was a month early and having breathing problems.
We got it whilst wandering round some shops between hospital visits. His name is Tariq and Cem has him in bed every night since he got home, at 6 days old

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Robbie has a rabbit cuddly called Babab. He's had it since birth and he won't sleep without it Love

Billy has a dog cuddly called GoodaGooda LOL. It was Robbie's but he let Billy have it when he was about 14mths old and Bill won't sleep without it and is always dragging it around with him Love

Isabella just has me Wink LOL

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
ella has a blanket in the shape of a carebare with a care bear head, shes had it since she was about 3mths old and wont sleep without it

its seen better days though Confused

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
allmine have had afavorite blanket lima still has his and jade has a crochered one she gets all exited when she sees it Wink Love

posted 1 decade 7 years ago

EveryRose said:
Isabella just has me Wink LOL

I was going to say that Smile At least I can't get lost/broken... well actually I did break my foot last year...

sugarsugar Moderator
posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Charlotte never really got attached to anything in particular - even now its a different teddy every night - she doesnt even need a teddy to get to sleep which is good i suppose nothing to wean her off when its falling to bits LMAO!

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