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Potty trained 2.5 yr old pees self on purpose at bedtime

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
hello i hope someone can help me...

my wonderful daughter who is completely potty trained during the day has started to pee herself on purpose at bed time.

I have tried to tell her off, put her in time out (which works if she is naughty during the day), put her back in nappies at night time (she still does it and screams she has done it) and we've also tried ignoring it. we are stuck.

Currently our bed time routine is as follows; about 6.45 we head upstairs, change into bedtime gear, brush teeth/hair etc then sit on the potty for about 10-15 mins while weeing and pooing and reading a book or two (with mummy or daddy). then we tuck her up into bed and read 2 more stories that she has picked in low light. we kiss her good night and leave the room. less than 2 mins later she is already out of bed and pretend crying/moaning because "i wee'd myself". we are at the stage where we just ignore her and generally she takes off her pajama bottoms and knickers and after 20 mins or so of being ignored she gives up and gets into bed.

she is also doing the same at nap times, and i can't see any reason for it as we always have wee on the potty/toilet before bed, and she never has a full wee in her pants; just enough to wet the nickers/bottoms she is in.

nothing in our routine/life has changed so i am lost as to what to do - this has been happening for about 3 weeks, any ideas???

we tried a reward chart for a week, didn't seem to make a difference..has anyone else experienced this?

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
weve been in exactly the same position hun! we tried everything -in the end we stopped all nice treats and he only got them if the bed was dry in the morning! hes now 3 1/2 and finally dry at night again! think its just a phase they go through! sorry if not much help

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
The pattern you've said is bedtime and nap time so it sounds like it's her way of delaying (just like some kids say they are thirsty or others say there is something in their room). She can get your attention by doing this, so if she is doing it on purpose you could tell her that if she does it she will have to go with out something ie-she wont go to the park the next day or something like that. If she asks why say that you need to see she can be dry like a big girl before you start taking her out like a big girl again (or whatever wording works for you). If she thinks she's missing out she should stop it and then if she is dry praise her and say you will let her do something nice the next day.

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
the last 2 days she has woken up and peed all over the landing on purpose ;o(


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