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Pregnancy with IUD in place.

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
I have just come back from my GP. I was sbout to have my smear test performed, when the nurse tested my urine sample. I have been feeling a little strange for around 3 weeks, so I asked her to perform a pregnancy test. By feeling strange, my period was around 1 week early was very light and lasted for 10 days, as I say it wasn't light, it was what I can only describe as like spotting. I didn't expect it to come back positive, but, it did. I am very shocked as I have a T-Safe Coil in place and have done for 5 years.

This will be my fourh pregnancy. I have already had three previous births all by ceaserean section. I am now with a new partner and this will be our first child. I don't think we're in a very stable position financially to go through with the pregnancy. It's not that we don't want to have children, it's just the timing stinks. Hence, we use contraception.

I know the coil isn't the safest method of contraception, but it's always suited me. Now this. I know the coil doesn't stop fertilization, it's just supposed to stop the embryo from attaching itself to the womb lining.

If and this is a big if, we were to decide on going ahead with the pregnancy, does anyone know whether it is safe to have the coil removed or is it safer to leave the coil in situ?

The only thing that's really worring me is if it's an ectopic pregnancy. As I know there is a greater chance of this when a coil is in place.

Has anyone on here been caught pregnant with a coil in place? Any advice?

Thanks in advance for any responces.

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
I know my MIL did - twice and both pregnancies were healthy. As far as I know they were left in and were removed at birth. HTH xxx

Good luck with whatever you decide to do xx

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