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posted 1 decade 2 years ago

Sammie said:

catgirl_872 said:

staceyb said:
i only had a show with jami. that was on the saturday morning. she was born sunday evening. never had one with catherine or ben

also my labours with all 3 were just intense backache. never felt any contractions in my tummy

woo u same as me then on kieran i didnt have contractions in tummy only back ache xxx

hating you both right now! Mad

haha i know thats why i dont tell many ppl how fast and easy oh not forgettin funny it was lol
thats something to ask, does anyone think its funny when the baby comes out? Very happy im weird but i did maybe its cus of the gas and air but when he came out it was wormy and weird lol xx

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
I had a show with my DS,i had it on the thursday and i had him on the saturday,It was just a little mucus with a pinky red streak in it(TMI???)lol
My SIL had a show 3 weeks before she went into labour (they had to induce her).

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