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Forgive my boldness

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
I feel slightly awkward posting this as a man. But I have recently become a sperm donor at my local clinic. I was reading an article in the Daily Mirror about all sorts of donor activity. I am already on the bone marrow register and am a regular blood donor, so my interest was piqued and read on. I know the recent changes in the law have put off potential donors (with anonymity no longer possible) so I enquired (they couldn't see my blushes over the phone luckily). I have just gone back for final blood tests and they have started to release my donations.

If anyone ever feels they have to go down this route. I give testimony now that the whole process is very thorough. They do countless blood test for all sorts, including congential deformities carried on your DNA (I think cystic fibrosis was one of them) as well as every s.t.d. going. You fill in many forms and obvioulsly with the change in law sign consent forms

Please forgive my brazeness, but I seek only to put at ease anyone, who for whatever reason may contemplate this course of action.

Good luck to everyone.

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
is this ur way of 'releiving tention but putting it to good use!!' lol!

on a serous note - i dont actually understand much about it tbh! does this meand u r gonna father kids to random women who u will never meet? as someday wont this kid want to find u? say it needs to for a cure? or do they modify it with the people who have its dna? do u understand what im saying cuz i knwo what im tryin say but it just aint coming out right! Suspect

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Yes Hayley_Kev, I will never know the recipients. If however one day the children wish to find out about their biological father, then I had the option to leave a personal message (which I did). If any of the children wish to make contact for whatever reason then I would be happy for this to take place. I spoke to my own children before I went ahead with it all, as it can obviously affect them 18 years down the line.

My overidding reason for going ahead with it all was the potential parents desire to have a family. Just imagine if you had all options for having children denied you. How utterly devastating. I couldn't imagine my life wihtout my children. I just wished to give someone else the chance to have a family of their own.

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