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Another issue...

posted 1 decade 6 years ago

Thanks for all your replies on my previous post! It's good to know that there are so many supportive people out there! I've had a chat with a few friends about this and some are adamant that having a child now is not a good idea (cos of the fact that I'm not entirely sure about whether my boyf is the one for me) and some say that I should do what I want, and if that involves having a baby then so be it. I have talked to my boyf and he said that he didn't think that I wanted to be a mum at the moment, which made me think really a bit more about it so I seem to be going around in circles! He also said about his best friend (who is about to become a mum) and that she would probably make a better mum at this moment in time...! Grrrr... this really wound me up! Anyway I kind of know what he means, as she is slightly older and has more life experience than me etc and is apparently with the one she wants to be with.

But the other thing that I can't get my head around (in a completely separate issue) is the fact that he is possibly going to be at the birth of his best friend's baby (who also happens to be an ex-, but they were friends before they went out a long time ago), and although he says that he will only be there in the waiting room with her partner so that he can go out when he wants a break etc, I'm still pretty pissed off with this. I know that he's doing to help her out as a friend in need as she's not got many other friends and a weird family (quite dysfunctional: alcoholic father, mother she won't speak to, dim brother etc), but it also really riles me as giving birth is such an intimate experience that surely you would only want partner, family etc there. Not a best friend of the opposite sex! Mad Anyway that's another issue altogether, and I'm probably just being very jealous and petty and selfish. Oh well, I'll have to just accept it as there's not much I can do about it if it happens. And she might have to have a caesarean anyway... Sad Face

Anyone disagree and think I'm reaction in a normal way? Or am I just being immature and jealous?

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
I think I'd be wondering more what the ex gf's partner is thinking, I guess if he's secure enough to have another man there during the deliver then maybe there's nothing to worry about Suspect

I think I agree with the friend that said maybe to wait to try and have a baby with this guy until you're more sure of your relationship with him. I am a single mom, in an awesome relationship now, but there is a strained relationship between my daughter's father and I and it has made things difficult many times.

Good luck hun, let us know how things continue to go with ya!

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
In my honest opinion life experience doesn't always make a better parent, but that is my personal opinion. I wasn't ready for a baby when the pregnancy test came up positive but I soon looked forward to becoming a mum. I do have a great relationship with my DH, and we were already engaged when we found out I was expecting so I don't know what my decsion would have been if I wasn't sure he was the one for me.

As for your BF being at the birth of an ex, well honestly I'm not sure I'd be overly comfortable with it myself, but like hapydazy says, if his ex's parnter is comfortable with, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. I suppose it is only like a female best friend being there but male instead,

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