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Birth plan

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Hi has anyone done a birth plan? if yes please could you give me somes tips on what to write..

I havnt a clue what to put, im hoping to have a water birth as i dont like needles.

Hope you can help me

Love crazy_girl xx

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
I didn't have a birth plan, as I wanted to keep an open mind, and was open to all suggestions.
Some people have a very strict plan though, which I think can be a bit "restricting", especially if things don't go the way you planned.
One piece of advice though, you may wish to specify things like pain relief, after researching - my sister had gas and air, and can't remember the birth of her daughter as it pratically knocked her out.

sugarsugar Moderator
posted 1 decade 7 years ago
I havent done mine yet but was just sitting in the bath thinking about it!
Mine wasnt strict with DD - just any pain relief if needed, cutting if needed - all i was strict on was just having DF in the room with me - no other relatives!

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Thank you.. i have looked on google to see what they have on birth plans.. there so confusing they is so much to put in one. i might just leave it and see how it goes on the day..would proberly end up ripping it up anyway if it didnt go my way lol

Love crazy_girl xx

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
I made a birth plan so on the day, midwives would knew what i would want. I wanted gas and air (which i did) No epidurals and i didnt want a cut (which happended anyway! )

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
What would be your ideal birth crazy_girl? What things would you most like to happen?

The little details might not matter as much - if you would like a drug free birth, what things would you like to do to work towards this? heat packs? water? walking around?

What does your hospital provide? Are there enough showers or spas? I wanted a water birth but that went out the windown when I realised there was only 1 shower and no bath for the whole suite!

Try not to worry too much about it all - it's only a vague plan! xx

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Aswell as pain relief preferences I included wanting DH to cut the cord,that I wanted baby put straight on me and that I was happy to have the injection afterwards to get the placenta out quicker. But there's always a chance that things wont happen the way you plan so keep an open mind,luckily both mine did Very happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
birth plans are basically a time to think about how you want things to go. If you've got a caseloading midwife who you've seen all through and will be there for the labour and birth then it might not be so necessary as you'll have been able to discuss things throughout. I made a birth plan when I was preg with dd2 which was specifically in case she was prem like dd1, which basically said 'please remember I don't want to be here!' and that I wanted everything to be as normal as possible given the circumstances. In the end she wasn't prem and was born at home as planned, though my pph wasn't! looks like it covers all the bases Smile

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 7 years ago
I had a birth plan but it didnt happen Sad Face

I wanted NO drugs (pethidine if I had to have something) and the midwifes gave me morphine when I started my contractions at night after being induced because they wanted my to sleep as they were short staffed. I didnt want to be on my back but I had to have a trace on all the time and they couldnt only trace him when I was on my back. and Although I said no epidural-which I didnt get- I retained my placenta and had to have a spinal anesthetic to have it manually removed. I also said I wanted to be transfered to my local midwife unit and in the end had to FIGHT to be allowed to go.

Make it clear what you want at the midwives see it is my tip

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