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Plus Size Maternity Clothing

posted 1 decade 2 weeks ago
Hi - does anyone know where to shop for plus size maternity clothes? I am a size 24 and it seems almost impossible to find anywhere. There are a few internet sites but I am more of a try before you buy kind of girl!

Any advice would be appreciated.

posted 1 decade 2 weeks ago
- My blog
have you got an Evans near you? they do maternity wear

other than that im not sure sorry

posted 1 decade 2 weeks ago
I have this problem and when I asked a friend she said to just keep buying from evans or H&M is all she did during her pregnancy as the evans maternity range is only available online Frustrated . I am only in my 14th week so I have been just buying the basic trousers but am dreasing it when bump will need support may just go for the tights i mothercare for under my clothes.

posted 1 decade 2 weeks ago
i never wore anything to support my bump! its not as if its gonna fall off LOL! i just wore what i felt comfortable in - which what i did was go primark and brort jogging bottoms and t-shirts - just bigger sizes than i normally wear, i didnt see much point in spending too much money on maternity clothes - i will do the same next time too.

posted 1 decade 2 weeks ago
omg i been lookin 4 the same thing im a size 20 ad i cant find anything that dont look like a tent!! Embarassed

posted 9 years 11 months ago

Hi ladies I'm new here but also had a problem finding plus size maternity wear so I started my own business and now sell maternity and nursing wear size 16-32.

my website is in my profile if you fancy taking a look

Thanks and Good Luck with your pg!

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