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Thomas just had his first...

sugarsugar Moderator
posted 1 decade 1 year ago
whizzed up roast dinner and he loved it!
Couldnt scoff it down fast enough and every bit went into his mouth and he finished it all - he usually leave a bit of his dinner but he ate everything!!! Very happy

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
- My blog
aww bless Love well done Thomas Very happy bet he loved it Very happy

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
aww well done thomas!! Very happy
i find that all kids love roast dinners!! but nobody can resist a mothers sunday cooking!!

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
well done thomas - and well done mummy Very happy

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Both mine used to eat all theirs but now they seem to home in on the Yorkshire puds and chicken and eat their roasties, but leave everything else. I have to bribe charlotte with her pud to get her to eat a couple of carrots Teeth

They are both bloody picky at the moment Suspect

Well done Thomas lad, could do with you showing my two how its done lol Very happy

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Very happy Well done Thomas Very happy Very happy ,
Im gonna try ryan on a roast dinner soon, he was 5 months on the 10th (10/05/07) and i'm only giving him fruit and veg at the mo, and he's lovin it!!!
He yells at us when we have our tea.....

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 1 year ago
bless him Love he is growing up so fast- I see that he is sitting up now!!

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
bless him. he must big now Very happy

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